100 Deaths of Mario

If you have a thing for the grim and morbid, then you'll feel right at home as we've dug up 100 deaths of our beloved Mario. You should know, however, that these deaths do not make up every death Mario's succumbed to in the last 26 years. That would just be too much for us - the bereaved - to handle. Grab a hanky and enjoy.

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KoolMan4747d ago

when will the day come when we get to have a game that takes us more then a weeks to finish like mario ... other then gran turismo i dont know other

marionz4747d ago

im playing mario allstars + world at the moment and loveing it!
old skool memories!

Bloodmask4747d ago

will always be fun.......As well as the king of platformers......

id dot entity4747d ago

Poor Mario.

Think this would be better as a movie though.