Konami fixes Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer, removes Playstation 3 logo

A Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer that was re-released to fix some visual errors has unintentionally whipped the gaming community into a frenzy.

The trailer was released on Konami's new Metal Gear 20th Anniversary website, and has quite a few noticeable differences between the original trailer which was released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in 2006.

The most striking of these differences is the removal of the Playstation 3 logo during the final credits, leading some gamers to believe that the game is no longer exclusive for the Playstation 3 platform.

The Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer shown at the Tokyo Games Show also had its Playstation logo removed, which may indicate a pattern of change since E3 last year.


GamesRadar has spoken to Konami, who informed them that the trailer which appeared on a new MGS site this morning is definitely not new. Konami stressed to GamesRadar that it has not released any new footage, and that we won't see anything of MGS4 until E3 2007 in August.

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Lord Anubis4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

here we go again,

the race is on to see who gets a response from Konami.

Every MGS fan knows that Kojima loves to play with his fans so it could be a trick.

the official site states:
PlayStation 3 [Coming 2007]

Short_E4744d ago

its enhanced gameplay graphics for sure, but as usual the textures are flat and colour is awefull

hopefully the final game will be awesome but at the moment i would say it will look slightly worse then the cutscene trailer

and this so is coming to xbox! c'mon you would be stupid to think it wont! and xbox fans arnt desperate for this game like gaystation fans say they are, its just fun getting freakstation fans all worked up (doesnt take much)

just like DMC it would be nice to see this on 360 but i dont care if it stays on greyststion (get it cos ps3 colour is [email protected])

who has the most exclusives? yeah MS, sony would die if it lost this or FF and you sony lemmings know it, thats why you have nightmares of loseing any more games to MS


Release an XBOX 360 version equally and on the same release date as the PS3, and not only will you sell millions of more copies but will make friends and loyal fans with XBOX 360 gamers. Shun us or place us second rate to a Trojan Horse and we will uprise against our foes. Don't you understand if we weren't independent minded and strong than we would all be playing on Sony's Trojan Horse. Only run with the Jackal if your a Jackal, other wise properly distance yourself on higher ground.

Firewire4744d ago

to all the little xbots!
This was all just typical xbot fanboy bullcrap!
Like that letter last week, about MGS.
Xbots are so pathetic, its incredible! They make fools
of themselves every chance they get. They are so desperate
for Sony's game's they cry, and think up ways to make themselves
believe they will get the games. So desperate are the little xbots!

I remember when gaming didn't have any of this bs. Sony, Nintendo &
Sega fans would take jabs at each other but we had respect for each other. But this isn't the case now, since the whinny little xbots came around gaming has gone downhill. They cry & whine, make up stories, follow there M$ with blindfolded eyes, b*tch about every other console
and think there playing on a machine God himself invented! But alas they are to stupid to realize that God doesn't make junk! God doesn't give you red-rings, scratched disc's, new games & patches that brick systems. And God certainly doesn't ask for crazy repair costs on obviously defective systems, or milk you on extended warranties or charge you for shipping! Only M$ does.

For shame! little xbots, for shame!

MADGameR4744d ago

MS must've shoved a lot of money up their a** so its definately going to be multi-platform. A repeat like PS2 and X Box, Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of The Patriots coming to the PLAYSTATION 3, 2007! Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of The Patriots coming to the X Box 360 2008! or Metal Gear Solid 4 Subsististance coming to the 360 in 2008! It COULD be a possible multi-platform sametime release. So I say, Its definately going multi-plat.

Lord Anubis4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Kojima is friend's with Ken Kutaragi. Business fails on that part. After all, they are getting help from SCEI.

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ITR4745d ago

Makes you wonder though.

hulk_bash19874745d ago

3......2.....1...... Let the speculation race begin!!!!!

kamakazi4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

oh boy here we go, hell i want this game to stay exclusive but even im getting tired of all these damn rumors and speculations, out with it kojima, konami let us know already.

Funky Town_TX4745d ago

what do you have to gain. If you get to play it you should be happy.