Halo Reach VGA opening cinematic runs in game will not be CG

Bungie Tweets: our cinematics run real time in our game engine, they're not outsourced CG

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blue7xx73777d ago

Just wanted to post this since many people wanted to see how Halo reach was gonna look at the VGA's and many were dissapointed to hear it was going to be a cinematic and were expecting CG. But its going to be all in game. Geoff Keigley said it in his twitter as well.

"Let me put the rumors to rest: The HALO: REACH piece at the VGAs will not be CG"

NewZealander3777d ago

sweet, theres too many games next year, i dont know if i can keep up!

3777d ago
ReservoirDog3163777d ago

I just hope they focus on the story since I don't have XBL. Hope they do good on the multiplayer (of course, they will though) too but my priority is singleplayer.

PS360PCROCKS3777d ago

@mike...bro you need to quit drinking your lemonade it's making you apparently Final Fantasy 1-12 didn't have good CG since they came on CD/DVD

3777d ago
mikeslemonade3777d ago

at 1.4 Final Fantasy is known for having good CG back then and the technology was different. CG now takes up more space and it's in HD and the audio is better quality.

Bungie3777d ago

I told you haters

i told you

Sarcasm3777d ago

"I told you haters

i told you "

And when it looks mediocre, you're not going to tell anyone.


Maddens Raiders3777d ago

tsk tsk tsk

"1.7 -

I told you haters

i told you"

ShabzS3777d ago

cant wait to see what it looks like, after gears 1 this might be the only game on 360 that's getting hyped for the gfx... dont know if it will deliver though , will be interesting

Theonik3777d ago

The fact that it runs using the game engine doesn't mean that the game will look like the video. The Kz2 opening cinematic was also built using the game engine and the game graphics did not reach that level.
What this statement means is that instead of using a 3rd party rendering engine they used their own internal rendering engine.

7thNightvolley3777d ago

360 is not some weak ass machine it can handle graphics so far it has the right engine which gives it that ability... halo reach will be ALLL THAT.. well check what i found ... this is a MULTI plat game..

but a 360 vid of the game running now can someone tell me why killzone is any special anymore..?

krisq3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Didn't get the joke :/. Are you saying Brink is graphically on par with Killzone? Are you mad??

starcb263777d ago

Dude that was the pc version

catguykyou3777d ago

Not the PC version despite the title. If you watch the video all of the button indicators is for 360. The team who is working on this game has ex members from GG who worked on KZ2. If you look at the animations for the character they are very similar as well as the level layout. They have also been working very closely with other developers who have shown they know how to squeeze power out of systems. This game looks very very good. I'm impressed.

As for Halo: Reach, I do not expect it to be as graphically revolutionary as Uncharted or KZ2 but Bungie has been working very very closely with teams like Naughty Dog to get the engine running the best it can. I expect it to have the same graphical difference as Halo - > Halo 2 (which was big if you actually look at screen shots and not just try to remember the difference).

raztad3777d ago


KZ2 is special because is a real game being played everyday by PS3 owners. Brink is, so far for you, a video. When you are playing it, and indeed it looks so awesome as KZ2 it's possible to have another conversation.

While that video looks awesome for a xbox360 game, it's still is quite plain and clean compared with KZ2. Brink is still one year away though. And dont forget, KZ2 is not the graphic king anymore.

bnaked3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

^^ look at the static level in Brink! Killzone 2 looks so much better in every way..

ape0073777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

just imagine it with a powerful engine,that's my dream right there

halo reach will be an explosion next year

and 2010 will be the biggest year in gaming since well....

even if there are no gta and cod(my favorite games)

7thNightvolley3777d ago

its clearly a 360 gameplay.. clean cut.. u say (bnaked) its static.. come on.. animated movements of evniroment cant be an issue if a MULTI plat can look THAT good... seriously.. think of it .. if that is multi what will and exclusive be like.. if its running on a beast of an engine..
and for those saying its not on the 360 ur eyes must be filled with fanboy-catarax coz the indicators are clearly saying X!.in blue.. any idiot can see that..

KZ2 is not the grahpic king anymore on consoles its U2 i knw but if anything KZ2 follows it closely in second and if a multiplat cant look that good.. then all hell is broken loose.. that is y i still say .. if this so called Xengine is that good as they say.. be careful of halo now.. coz if anything bungie would want to go out with a bang and make some mad looking halo game.. besides if u guys remember the pics of reach that leaked it looked good for an alpha stage ... i say it again.. 2010 is going to be some mad year..

7thNightvolley3777d ago

dont worry ps3 fannies i knw the feeling ur in total shock that that is a multiplat and a vid of the game running on a 360 .. y are u sweating...?.. here.. have a towel.. ur

BuryYourHead7073777d ago

Yes in fact that is the PC Version. Even if the buttons indicated are the Xbox 360's buttons doesn't mean they weren't using Windows Live with the 360 Controller. My friend does it all the time with his PC so don't be a fanboy and try to use Brink to beat KZ2. Besides remember it IS mutlti-platform so PS3 users will be able to enjoy it too.

As for Halo: Reach... I'm kinda excited, but not as much as other games coming out. Halo 3 was a disappointment.

Theonik3777d ago

Are you disagreeing with the fact that using the engine =/= to not being pre-rendered? Never said it would be pre-rendered but running on the game engine just refers to not using a 3rd party render engine, not that the game will look 100% like that. It could very well reach the level, it has the potential to do so, but you must understand that when playing the game there are far more processes going on than the actual graphics.Another prime example of this is the Uc2 cut-scenes running on the game engine when the game looks worse than the cut-scenes do.

pixelsword3777d ago

"our cinematics run real time in our game engine, they're not outsourced CG"

Lots of games do this, and lots of games look worse than the CG; the proof is in the pudding, so don't get too excited yet. Wait until the game (or demo) comes out before tooting your horns too loudly.

edgeofblade3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

If the game looks like the episode from Halo Legends that went live today (and today only, if you want to see it), it will be awesome. Kinda like a cross between Project Sylpheed and No More Heroes...

@pixelsword: Not so sure filling up the disk with 1080p, pre-render is a wise use of the space. I'll take in-engine cutscenes any day.

NickIni3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

@1.12, that is is the PC version, it says so. There just using an Xbox controller. It's lead platform is the PC, so naturally a gameplay trailer like that would be demonstrated on it's lead platform.

Not to mention if those kind of graphics were running on the 360, MS would have been screaming their nuts off about it for a long time now. Graphics that can be compared with one their rivals biggest games? Come on, we all know Microsoft well enough to know they wouldn't have kept that quiet.

Looking forward to some news on Reach, but other '10 games are higher on my agenda.

bnaked3777d ago

I agree, for a multiplat it's looking very good, could be the best looking multiplat ever.. It's just static. Resident Evil has the same 'problem' ^^. But if it is a great game, it's good for gamers.. yeah, let's drink a beer! ^^

LostCypher113776d ago

Just b/c it shows Xbox 360 Buttons does not rule out that this is on PC. Some games are mapped to use the 360 Pad. such as Dead space. it displays all the buttons as 360 buttons when using the pad.

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BigKev453777d ago

That sounds great, I can't wait to see the new Halo engine.

Bnet3433777d ago

Hell yeah, Halo Reach and it's new engine will be displayed to the fullest, hope it's good!

SpartanZero3777d ago

The game is destined to look amazing cause Greenberg said wait till you see Halo Reach when asked about 360 graphics and I read that an Uncharted developer is working on the game to achieve breathtaking visuals.

kaveti66163777d ago

Greenberg says a lot of things that are garbage. I hope this is the one true thing he says. From what I know of Bungie, they know how to make a multiplayer experience that is unmatched on consoles, and they make their experiences solid, but in terms of graphics, they've never pushed the bar.

DJ3777d ago

Halo 1 and Halo 2 were some of the best looking games last generation, and you're gonna claim that Bungie wasn't famous for their graphical achievements? Get real.

siyrobbo3777d ago

i played halo 2 upscaled to 1080p on my 360 and it looked better than a hell of a lot of games released this year

Halo 3 wasnt the graphical leap forward alot of people were expecting, me included

i just hope people dont get there hopes up this time

catguykyou3777d ago

Naughty Dog has been swapping code/techniques with Bungie because Bungie helped them out tremendously with the netcode/multiplayer setup for Uncharted 2. Check the Uncharted 2 credits for proof. They thank Bungie.

ShabzS3777d ago

i had asked him that question... haha

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jerethdagryphon3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

yes htey also thanked santa monica media molecule infionity ward and gurillia games,

and thats not because they helped with code but because they helped by making something first, something others could look at and build on in principal

one of te dogs said OUR MULTIPLAYER CAME FROM FOOLING AROUND AND WE MANAGED TO GET 2 DRAKES WORKING ON SCREEN INDEPENDENTLY. from that they developed the multiplayer aspect, and because there gamers they thanked the gients of the industry all of them
they did exchange ideas and some 'technolagy' but it wouldnt have been raw code
more likly, streamine your netcode by offloading to other cores , ideas and stuff

edwineverready3777d ago

MGS4 did it uncharted 1 and 2 did it.

MerkinMax3777d ago

Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 3:ODST did it too so what's your point?

Teh Cell3777d ago

A lot of games did it. Way to fail at trolling.

ZippyZapper3777d ago

edwineverready you just owned yourself.

edwineverready3777d ago

I owned myself. Wanted to make a smart as$ remark but failed. Working nightshift and it is now 6.12 in the morning. I am not sharp enough for trolling.

Obama3777d ago

Except Halo 3 and ODST did it with crappy graphics that's all.

xaviertooth3777d ago

to be fair, a lot of games have done it. what's the fuzz all about bungie.

above ^^^

yeah i agree those games have it. but it will not as beautiful and compelling as MGS4 and Uncharted 1 and 2.

RetroPietro3777d ago

do you go thomas deacon academy??

and halo will be crap btw people :)

Chubear3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

I saw this with Splinter Cell too XD people acting like this is a mew concept when the PS3 has been doing this since Resistance1. Heavenly Sword, Lair, Uncharted1 all these games are year 1 titles and all of them used in-game graphics for cut-scenes and not CGI.

MGS4 stood out more cause the graphics were insane and, back then, like CGI of most games, so seeing the transition from cut-scene to gameplay had more of an impact.

What the 360base are about to start experiencing in year 4/5 of the 360, the PS3 base have been experiencing from virtually day 1. Makes you wonder, what will the PS3 base be experiencing with this type of quality in years 4/5?

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