Halo Screenwriter DB Weiss Interview

DB Weiss is the author of 2003's Lucky Wander Boy, a critically acclaimed fictional story dealing with obscure video games. Born and raised in Chicago, he has a Masters of Philosophy in Irish Literature and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing.

He's currently living in Los Angeles, where he is writing the latest version of the screenplay for the Peter Jackson executive produced movie Halo, based on Bungie's best-selling game franchise (following on from an initial draft by Alex Garland), as well as a screenplay for Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game along with David Benioff.

GameSetWatch managed to reach Weiss via email to quiz him about his well-received piece of game-related fiction, as well as his current work as a screenwriter in Hollywood, with particular reference to his current work dramatizing Halo for the big screen.

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A Trek to the Past: 21 Best PlayStation 2 Co-Op Games

The console's library of games may be big, but it can all be played on the same couch. Here is a list of the best Co-Op games on the PS2.

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Survival Horror Spotlight: ObsCure

Five teenagers. One high school. Endless monsters. The Young Folks dust off the survival horror video gaming collection to shine a light on 2004's ObsCure.

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8 Unexpectedly Hazardous Schools to Not Enrol At Ever

Outside Xbox:
It may be school wasn't the most fun you ever had but count yourself lucky you didn't go to any of these videogame institutions where you're more likely to be carried off by horrors than graduate with honours.

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