IGN: Rogue Warrior Review

Whatever you do, do not buy this game, even if you happen to have the spare cash lying around. The gameplay is poorly done, the visuals are substandard and the profanity is laughable. The only reason anyone would ever want this title is for achievement/trophy farming, but even then you should rent it or look for a bargain basement sale. Even then, it's hard to justify polluting your game account with this detritus.

Presentation - 2.0
Graphics - 3.0
Sound - 2.0
Gameplay - 1.5
Lasting Appeal - 1.5
Overall -

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smittyjerkins4856d ago

this game looks like a muthaf*cking d*ckslap to the muthaf*cking face and to make things f*cking worse you have to pay muthaf*cking 60$'s for this f*cking d*ckslap to the MUTHAF*CKING face.

NecrumSlavery4856d ago

Bethesda can't publish one good game. They keep this up they'll be broke before they can make Fallout 4

Why Dat4856d ago

That was such a hilarious review!

Thanks for the link!

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PirateThom4856d ago

Rebellion also made Shellshock 2...

My anticipation for Aliens vs Predator also went down a lot when I heard it was Rebellion.

Sarcasm4856d ago

I'm shocked at how a developer like this isn't closed down when even decent ones like Pandemic or Free Radical takes a nose dive.

BWS19824856d ago (Edited 4856d ago )

it's hard to fathom how companies choose their backings, how do the crap ones keep getting funding and the greats are shut down? Possibly because (behind the scenes) the expectations are so low for the bad ones that it's hard to "fail" and be closed, yet the great ones are given expectations and/or deadlines that they'd never meet....Odd.

Megaton4856d ago

Wow, we actually might have a game that beats Tony Hawk: Ride for Turd of the Year.

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The story is too old to be commented.