Man withdraws his guilty plea in Xbox killings trial

A man who pleaded guilty in October to killing six people in Deltona two years ago refused to testify Thursday against three others charged in the slayings, proclaiming he wanted to withdraw his plea because he is innocent.

Robert Anthony Cannon, 20, faced a life sentence after agreeing to testify about the clubbing and stabbing in a Deltona home in a revenge killing over an Xbox video game system in August 2004. The deal would have spared him a possible death sentence.

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TheMART5795d ago (Edited 5795d ago )

Man does the public want a XBOX/video game that bad? ;)

mikeeno75795d ago

This shows how popular the power of xbox is!!

killasssj4085795d ago

ill kill someone to if they jacked my xbox 360.

shotty5794d ago

Man some people are truely physco in this world. What happened in the movie wonderland. If someone jacked my x360 I would just get it back not kill someone. It's only a machine people no need to create a masachor. I bet if it was a ps2 that was jacked none of this would have occured. LOL.

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