Sony: inFamous Has Now Sold 1.2 Million Copies

Sony have now announced that the game has managed to sell 1.2 million units as of October, 2009. It shows that PlayStation 3 titles really do have long life-spans.

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Zedux4218d ago

vgchartz has it at 1.03m those guys can't get one right!!!

happyface4218d ago


lots of those million were give away bundles in europe and in the US black friday

I hope sony didn't lose too much money on this game

The_Savior4218d ago

Vgchartz sucks. They inflate console sales due to fanboy biases...
And they often fail to report the true sales of a game.

They're not even worth mentioning.

SnuggleBandit4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

doesn't trolling ever get old...i mean the retards say the same crap over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Trebius4218d ago

In the long run every good game gets more than enough sales.

DarkTower8054218d ago

Units sold "AS OF OCTOBER". These aren't holiday bundle sales. Can you at least read the article?

Ahmay4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

is from the playstation blog..

TheBlackSmoke4218d ago

The stunt trophy is the one c~ckblocking me from that platinum. Im just too powerful to pull them off as i wipe out everyone in one go.

George Sears4218d ago

@happyface you do know that once X type of game is on store shelves is because said game was already purchased by there respected retail establishments right? So companies already have there profit regardless if an establishment wants to reduce the price of there product just for hefty competition.

GabeTheFatPrincess4218d ago

if you're going to troll, at least get your facts straight moron

Ausbo4218d ago

it will probably end up selling 2 million which is better than 99% of the games that come out.

CadDad4218d ago

@ blacksmoke

PM me with the stunts you are struggling with. I had a heck of a time with a few of them until I figured out a few tricks to getting them right. Probably common knowledge, but I thought I was special when I got some of them to work consistently. I'd be glad to pass along what I know.


TheBlackSmoke4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

@ CadDad

Im still at work so i cant be sure but i think i have 3 left, the throw a sticky on an airborne enemy stunt, the blow back a grenade and kill an enemy stunt and the 5 melee kills in a row. The problem is im all juiced up to the max so im way over destructive plus i cleared out the city so finding an enemy takes forever. Some friends suggest starting a new game but then i will have to repeat all 20 stunts again so im hoping i can avoid that.

edit: take down an airborne enemy with a melee attack is the other one, i know you have to use coles cartweel kick but it seems like it happens randomly for me.

Golfcoachh4218d ago

Actually, because most price drops by retailers come from a rebate of sorts from the game company. I work in the golf industry, we sell a new driver for 299 lets say, and after about 4 months the price drops to 249, not out of the goodens of our heart, but because we get a credit back of 50 dollars towards other prodcut from that company. Video games are about the same from what I am told. When a game is 59.99 at first then dropped to 39.99 after a few months all stock on hand is given a credit back from Sony, or microsoft or nintendo towards other prodcut or towards a new batch of that existing game.

wxer4218d ago

a new IP breaking a million is great

PrimordialSoupBase4218d ago

vgchartz is a rough estimate and at the very least gives a basic idea of what the actual numbers are. It's a shame that numbers aren't easily accessible to the public like the film industry, via the likes of box office mojo, so vgchartz is pretty much your only immediate option on a weekly basis.

And @The_Savior unless you have proof, stop spewing nonsense.

Panthers4218d ago

Well no one can expect VG to be perfect. It is lower, but not by too much.

ThanatosDMC4218d ago

Are there anymore good games coming this December? If not, i'll finally get inFamous. Great news that it's cheaper now.

ultimolu4218d ago

...And happyface comes along just to troll. Really, it's getting old.

These sales are pretty decent for a *new* IP.

Homicide4218d ago

Sony count sales as sold to retailers while VGChartz count sales as sold to consumers.

Sales are pretty good for a PS3 game.

Bnet3434218d ago

That's very good for a new IP. I totally forgot about this game.

evrfighter4218d ago

happyface makes a good point actually. How many of those were bundled for black friday?

Well I played about 5 minutes of the demo and...

well I played about 5 minutes of the demo is about all that needs to be said.

Karum4218d ago

Did you ever think people that bought the bundle with inFAMOUS in it did so because that's the game they wanted?

There are a lot of different official bundles and there are retailers' own bundles they make up.

You people make it sound as if people are choosing a bundle with inFAMOUS even though they don't want the game even when there are a bunch of other different kinds of bundles.

RememberThe3574218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

Actually all of Sony's reported sales are of sell through not sold to retailers. I believe MS is the only console manufacturer still only reporting sales to retailers.

@evrfighter: Again, READ. This is only up until October. Black Friday is in November...

Elaine Benes4218d ago

Took it long enough. Thus is the life of a PS3 Exclusive. Sigh.

Homicide4218d ago

No, all three companies report sold to retailers, but keep disagreeing if it makes you feel better.

Gears of War - 5 million for new IP :)

infamous-butcher4218d ago

I bought this game on release with very little doubt, I followed everything ever since I heard its consept however long ago. I lent it to a friend and he lent me Fallout 3. There was a misunderstanding and he traded in inFamous. :( I did get to keep Fallout 3 though. but still Ive got to plat inFamous.

4218d ago
2cents4218d ago

what a game, i really enjoyed playing it through twice. So much restraint when you play as a saint and so much anarchy when playing as an ass. Most Sandbox fans will love this game, any People who have a PS3 and those who dont who haven't played this, should.

TheBand1t4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

And Crackdown did 1.5 million from Feburary to the end of 2007, was a new IP, and was bundled with the frickin' Halo 3 Beta.

So inFamous has actually sold 1.2 million in a smaller time frame.

Nikuma4218d ago

I don't even like sandbox games a whole lot but InFamous is one of my favorite games this gen so far. No one should miss out on this game. Glad to see Sucker Punch is seeing success with this new IP.

4218d ago
raztad4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

It's funny. I've never seen a single positive comment of evrfighter towards a PS3 game.


inFAMOUs is an excelent game and there many PS3 owners missing out, nevertheless 1.2m is quite a solid solid number for a no advertised game, that came out from nowhere with little to none hype. A lot of potential for an incredible sequel and why not? some coop with a friendly conduit :D

Saaking4218d ago

Excellent for a new IP. Most people fail to understand that 99% of ALL games never reach 1 million. Doing so is an outstanding and commendable feat.

nnotdead4218d ago

good. Infamous is a great game that every PS3 owner should at least play.

badz1494218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

evrfighter is a dedicated PS hater and love to brag about his/her hates towards anything PS related! when you accuse him(her? sounds like a lady in period!) of being a 360 fanboy, he'll dodge with "I'm a PC fanboy" comment! I think, this will be my last time reading his stupid rants, I'll put him under ignore from now on!

on topic:

inFAMOUS is a great game! platinumed it and recommended it to some of my friends and they also love it! the stunt trophy is a b1tch but I got lucky the 1st time around but not in the 2nd one.

Major_Tom4218d ago

I work for Toys R Us in the vid game department and I see more people buying awful games than good games, so what is your point? A great game can sell slow, look at Mass Effect it sold terribly but it's still a great game.

snp4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

Sensational number of 360/anti-ps3 trolls in this thread - considering they keep telling themselves, and the world, they don't exist...

re:original point - VGChartz is nonsense. You could pull a up hundred games - or even system sales (PS3) - to show it. It's a shame, because a site with that sort of layout and actual reliable numbers could be quite interesting. But alas.

BWS19824218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

happyface's history in November (like I just checked because of something I'll explain), he happened to go almost MIA for a long while. I last saw him months ago posting all the time like trolls like evrfighter and POG and got down to like 1 or 2 bubbles, and now he returns with 5 bubbles and more frequent comments in December? Check November and December of last year, he was posting like mad going into 2009, and had to taper off but still visited practically every day.

Check his November history of last month, he was here nearly EVERY day with daily visits, but almost never commenting, then finally he comes back with replenished bubbles.

I think you can connect the dots...

Anyways, InFamous is awesome, an incredible game. I bought it the month it released. And yes, the sell through dates are up to October, Black Friday bundles are not included.

Pika-pie4217d ago

It is a great game. Il one day go back to it and try and find the remaining blast shards. Have 10 to go, just cant find them anywhere!

DaTruth4217d ago (Edited 4217d ago )

Please read Hutch2355's comment for more reasons companies can, and have to track retail sales data through to the consumers and not just shipped!

They don't physically show up at your store to count your stock! Do you see how stupid you guys are now?

"It'z teh impossible to count teh sold to consumer"

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TheTruth20094218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

But wasn't this game released back in MAY?

Let's do the math, shall we?

1,200,000/6 months = 200,000 copies a month. Not bad!

At least for a 2009 BIG PS3-exclusive game.

Now let's hope your other brethren can follow suit.
But it doesn't look good:

Demon Souls - 400,000 copies sold
Ratchet & Clank - ACIT - 300,000 copies sold
Ninja Gaiden Sigma - 300,000 copies sold
EyePet - 120,000 copies sold

And yes, Ninja Gaiden is an exclusive to PS3. Remember?
You said that is was a WHOLE new game. And XBOX360 Fans were beta-testers. Don't run from it now... :-)


Your exclusives are forgettable. Sorry.

Here's XBOX360's exclusives for 2009. You know, the same games that rated lower, but sold MUCH MORE. Watch and learn:

Halo Wars - 1.5 million copies
Halo ODST - 3.5 million copies
Left4Dead 2 - 2 million copies (+/-)
Forza 3 - 1.3 million copies
Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City (An expansion!) - 500,000 copies

Wow. In a year where XBOX360 "didn't have any games", the gamers still supported the releases. And bought the multiplats in DROVES.

Maybe the PS3 really IS just a BluRay Player.

But congrats, Infamous. You deserve it. Too bad you weren't released on a GAMING CONSOLE.

@Marius Elijah
Uncharted 2 was their biggest game of the year through marketing and backing. It has sold 1.7 million copies. And should. Sony Fans were the ones propping up their 2009 exclusives all year. Not XBOX360 Fans. That is what this post is about. Nice try.

LordMarius4218d ago

Why didn't you mention Uncharted 2 instead of listing niche titles,
still playing ODST?, how is Flopza? and ummm.....


lh_swe4218d ago

You say 200 000 a month is "not bad" and then go on to claim that games who have sold more than that in a month is bad news bears, I fail to see that logic. I know that games sell the most in the first month but considering this is christams season some people do wait until a couple weeks before to start shopping.

Btw how many of those "forgettable" exclusives have you played?

rucky4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

Oh but will you look at that, the developers who made those PS3 games you've listed are all making their next game exclusive to the PS3.

What happened to Ensemble Studios by the way?

Pennywise4218d ago

The truth is - Your mom doesn't love you. No one on this site likes you. AND - You purposely left all the PS exclusives that sold well off your list.

You fail @ something as simple as making a list.

nycredude4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

The truth

Now you are on my ignore list with all the other retards. Everytime I try to read your comments it hurts my brain and I swear I lose intelligence. See ya and wouldn't wanna be ya!

BTW I think infamous is way better than all those xbox exclusives.

chidori6664218d ago

here is the guy who takes care of the money from ms ... that pathetic ;0

Mr_Bun4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

You are like the jaded girlfriend who was just beaten by her boyfriend but are now pissed at the cops for taking him to jail.

The 360 had very few exclusives all year and you are going to try and play the numbers game?

Noctis Aftermath4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

First of all inFamous was never a BIG exclusive, it was a new IP with an average amount of hype for a new IP.

Secondly Demons Souls is selling well for a title that has not been released outside the east and US, and lets not forget the fact that most people who know about this game are people who read up on games via the internet from sites like N4G.

Also Eyepet hasn't been released in the US, but even still i think it's not a game that will appeal to alot of people.

Ratchet and clank last i heard is selling along the lines of previous titles.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2(not exclusive, just has some exclusive bonuses), it has more stuff then the xbox version but in all it is still a game that only really appeals to those who played the first, and even still it is worse then the original so it's even less appealing.

Lastly i'd like to ask you do you feel the need to write a minimum half a page each time you comment? yes we get you love being a bot, yes we get that you think sales equal quality but why do you feel the need to either talk sh1t about sony or talk up microsoft? are you unable to view things from a gamers standpoint and only as a fanboy? this game has sold 1.2mil in 6 months and that is great even better that it is a new IP so either congratulate it or move on, people who read this are mostly sony fans, we don't want to read your garbage opinion of which more then half has nothing to do with the game this whole topic is about.

And yes i wrote alot, but i'm just sick of reading long posts like yours that offer nothing constructive.

Prototype4218d ago

Hey Truth, I'd rather have a big list of games that came out which gives me options to buy new IP's than the same garbage that comes out every year. It's to the point where MS will have the following games:

Halo Golf
Halo Racing
Halo Sims
Halo vs Gears of War
Halo invades Mass Effect
Halo Online
Halo Fighter

Point is PS3 has a better selection of games; who cares how much they sold, main thing is the publishers understand people will buy games overtime and enjoy them. With your logic your more concerned about numbers and how fast they sold; If that's the case Uncharted 2 would have been the exact same game as the first with minimum improvements. Just goes to show PS3 players buy quality and not something with a name on it we recognize.

Oh and one more thing, every time I go into a resale shop all I see is walls and walls of 360 games people traded in, but you don't figure in the keep/resale ratio, your more worried about copies sold. Personally I'd look at the people who traded the games in more than someone who bought it.

Rip-Ridah4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

You are probably the most effective troller on this website. I applaud your efforts. Every person that directly responded to your post has fallen into your evil little trap. You kind of remind me of Stewie on Family Guy, only a little less mature. I'm smart enough to know that you don't believe 90% of the stuff that you write. You do it to get a reaction from people on here; and it works EVERYTIME. I was going to ignore you, but after careful consideration, I have decided that your posts can be handled by me without me falling victim to your harsh and irrational criticisms of the Playstation 3 and its games. PM me sometime and tell me your secret identity. I have a funny feeling that you are a true PS fan and do this for $h!ts and giggles. Your secret will be safe with me. ;-)

On Topic: inFAMOUS is a great game enjoyed by my fiance and I. We look forward to Sucker Punch's inevitable sequel. Now if I can only find those last 11 damn Shards!! Ahhhh!!!

Shane Kim4218d ago

You know what the truth, for having a 1 year lead and for having 5-6 million consoles more sold...those numbers are REALLY weak.

TheBlackSmoke4218d ago

Conveniently leaving out the obvious Big sony exclusives to suit your argument, such a looser. If you want to play it like that then i will list..

Ninja blade
velvet assassin

These were obviously the only 360 exclusives this year and they all flopped. See what i did there?

PS: I actually struggled to find any 360 exclusives other than teh Haloz.

SilverSlug4218d ago

I see that you made up numbers. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

CotieD4218d ago

I'll bite.. just because I like to make silly lists too :)

Tales of Vesperia (Aug 08) 0.46 Mil
Prototype (Jun 09) 0.96 Mil
Star Ocean (Feb 09) 0.56 Mil
Ninja Gaiden 2 (Jun 08) 0.96 Mil
Magna Carta 2 (Aug 09) 0.15 Mil
The Last Remnant (Nov 08) 0.59 Mil
Too Human (Aug 08) 0.64 Mil
Banjo-Kazooie (Nov 08) 0.62 Mil
Velvet Assassin (Apr 09) 0.06 Mil
Ninja Blade (Apr 09) 0.17 Mil

I know this isn't the best list by any means (Being that I just grabbed the numbers fast from VG-Chartz and did practically one page only) It just shows that because a game is an exclusive doesn't mean that they automatically sell great on the 360. I know you could list off ones for PS3 as well but it doesn't mean that the games go unsupported and not purchased.

Just because a game doesn't sell multimillions in the first few months makes it have less worth. I personally prefer the PS3 but doesn't mean I dismiss the other concole.

Btw, I supported pretty much all exclusives for the PS3 this year minus Eye Pet which is only available in one region currently.

Nineball21124218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

A picture of me trying to make sense of any post by TehTruuf2009

jeseth4218d ago

He has to troll around N4G to make himself feel better because Xbox had another poor year (2 years in a row now) of games. The only thing he can do is troll N4G because he has no games to play.

Don't be mad at him, he really deserves our pity. I feel sorry for him. What a sad existance he has resorted to. He'll probably be suicidal when the PS3 passes Xbox 360 in sales...especially considering PS3 has been double the price for almost its entire existance.


Noctis Aftermath4218d ago

Oh snap you only have 1 bubble now!

lh_swe4218d ago

You have just been dissed in every conceivable way in all your posts. I'd stop right about now, I'd feel soo incedibly bad being you it must suck.

ZippyZapper4218d ago

Flopamous sells 1.2 million in over six months and it was a bundled game :D

solidjun54218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

You're finally down to one bubble...again. ^_^

"Flopamous sells 1.2 million in over six months and it was a bundled game :D "

Learn to read you idiot troll. 1.2 million was reported as of October. This is before the bundled package for the holidays.

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Sevir044218d ago

I still have to platinum this game... because it's soo fun.

TOO PAWNED4218d ago

i am at 89%, got annoyed with shards, have 1 somewhere to find, looked every iland so many times, still can't find it. but incredible game. Like i said so many time my 2nd fav this year.
1. Uncharted 2

PirateThom4218d ago

The last one I had to find was on one of those piers behind a building.

I actually used a map and marked off every location trying to find this last one, it wasn't even listed on the map. Then, by pure luck, I got into a fight and ran behind this building and there it was.

raztad4218d ago

I'm at 93%. Still some shards to find but my main problem is to kill 25 foes while riding a moving train. With almost no enemies around I got a bit tired of trying.

Mr_Bun4218d ago (Edited 4218d ago )

It is only the LAST shard that is annoying...especially when you know you double checked everywhere. It will be mocking you from some randomly obvious location that you kept skipping since you "knew" you had already searched.

jwatt4218d ago

yea there is one shard far out in the ocean, you have to jump from wood to wood to get it.

Why o why4218d ago

after days of searching the other islands the last two were on the first island in basic spots. I searched high and low for those fu(kers but it was worth it in the end and it was my second plat. I really enjoyed playing it twice. It was definitely better to leave the evil playthrough for last as you could be more carefree. Some of the stunts were hard too....i thought i was never gunna complete the one where you have to shock a guy then land on them with the heavy drop move.....Looking forward for the next installation.

The fact that Infamous was single player only must of hurt the sales a little as many may have purchased 2nd hand copies. Im positive more than 1.2 mil people have played it but well done to them anyhow. A new ip that can only grow imo

Nineball21124218d ago

jwatt posted: "yea there is one shard far out in the ocean, you have to jump from wood to wood to get it."

Yep, that was the last one for me too. It won't show up when you "ping" for the location. Man, it was driving me nuts trying to find that last shard.

I can't remember which island that one was on though... Maybe the first one?

Good game and yeah... some of the stunts were aggravating me too. But, if you stick with it and keep trying, you'll eventually get them all.

JBaby3434218d ago

The Shards were the easy part. The stunts were the hardest. I spent a lot of time not killing a guy and taking cover to get him to throw stupid grenades at me to try and ankle them back just right.

On-topic: A great game that deserves great sales. Not bad for a game with no MP.