Updated: PS3 Sales in Japan Drop Below 10,000 "Psychological" Threshold

The Financial Times reports recent figures from research firm Media Create as indicating that sales of PS3 on its home-turf in Japan have fallen below a weekly 10,000 benchmark "for nearly a month" - apparently this is "a psychological level".

However, analysts are suggesting Sony may not make its shipping target of 11-million consoles worldwide by the end of this year based on this set of data spanning a three-week period.

The actual figures for the last four audited weeks are as follows...

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WoundedMoon4745d ago

Should I have cold feet about buying one? I really want a PS3, but...

kewlkat0074745d ago

has been COLD since E3 2005.

I too, wait Patiently. I already know I won't be seeing a PS3 in 2007. Too much good stuff coming out for my alternative consoles.

jwatt4745d ago

I'm definitely picking one up but for some reason I feel anxious about getting one, I think because I've been waiting for so long. I can't wait to have it in my hands though and play some Resistance and mess around with the remote play.

TylerDurden4745d ago

Is that someone actually disagreed with your post. How can anyone disagree with what someone says they "Want"?

As far as cold feet. As long as they don't cancel the games that are releasing this fall and next year you will get your money's worth. Regardless of how many possible future games get cancelled or if Sony finishes 3rd this time.

Silver3604745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Maybe wait for a price drop and some games. Other than that don't worry. It would cost Sony way to much for PS3 to fail. It would drag the company down.It would be such a monumental loss. They will not let that happen so get your system when you ready and enjoy yourself

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BitbyDeath4745d ago

it'll bounce back up again when the games hit, nothing to worry about

DrunKao4745d ago

I applaud your optimism. We need more people like you on N4G.

BitbyDeath4745d ago

thanks i can't tell if that was sarcasm though, cause it seems i have two disagrees.....

gta_cb4744d ago

not anymore, now you have 12.

(i havnt agreed or disagreed)

toughNAME4745d ago

wait till 2008....

get used to hearing the word "wait"

DrunKao4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Wait till MGS 4 comes out sales will surely pick up... Wait till FFXIII comes out sales will surely pick up for sure... No seriously, wait till the Mayan Calender ends...

But really, there's only so long publishers and developers are willing to wait for PS3 sales to pick up. It's not like the PS3 has an unlimited amount of time to catch up to the Wii and 360. The longer PS3 sales stagnate the wider the gap grows between it and it's competition. Even when PS3 sales increase over the holiday season the gap can't shrink, because sales will also increase for the Wii and 360 and the gap may widen to an even greater extent as a result of the price difference between the consoles. So saying that sales will pick up during the holiday season really doesn't benefit the PS3 much.

Premonition4745d ago

As long as it doesnt deep below the other next gen system it should be good, and once FFXIII hits, It should really help the PS3 for a couple of months depending on how sony uses its strategy such has making it a bundle with the first 1 million PS3, and on top of that custome PS3 FFXIII cases or something, if sony were smart enough to do something like that then it will really see some sale boost.

ITR4745d ago

Isn't FFXIII like a yr away?

Or close to a yr.

Shake4745d ago

Im really thinking on getting a playstation 3 because not only does it has great titles coming up,but I heard that you can Browse the internet and watch Blue ray movies.I already own a Xbox 360,but Im just dissapointed that it does not have browsing!

Xi4745d ago

which is why I personally don't want to see browsing on the 360. I know there would be a$$holes create hacks or homebrew for the 360... or viruses.

razer4745d ago

Been doing so for months.. But you need to have a Media Center PC. Which I know is not the best solution but if you decide to get one it opens up all kinds of great features.. Sports scores and recaps, web browsing you can download the plug-in here:
Also plug-ins like My Movies adds a nice Movie interface as well, Watch/Record TV, etc. I highly recommend it.

On Topic: The climb for the PS3 has been slow but it will do just fine. Like everyone says just wait till the games start dropping.. This is the calm before the storm.

gta_cb4744d ago

this add on, can you use it on your Xbox 360 using Media Centre? as i am interested in trying it out.

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The story is too old to be commented.