PS3 Eye cam in action: first screens and video

From Gamesradar:
"It's hidden right down at the bottom of the US PlayStation 3 update web site but it caught our attention:

"The [Test Camera] option under [Accessory Settings] has been changed to [Camera Device Settings]."

Mainly, because precariously perched on top of our Toshiba HDTV since last week there's been a PlayStation Eye cam - sadly unused, even though the lights come on when you power up the PS3 and it falls on the floor every time you touch the TV.

So here it is working!

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Grown Folks Talk4247d ago

with a built in mic. the mic functions on the PS3, but the camera doesn't. my 360 live cam works like a charm though.

sonarus4247d ago

hope this isnt the big "realtime" announcement for june 11th

gta_cb4246d ago

yeh got to admit if this is the announcement, then i am not going to be smiling as i want an excuse to buy a PS3 sooner rather then later, and this isnt going to be doing it for me, i dont normally buy the cameras etc as i dont personally think of a games console as camera related, which is why i never got the camera for the Xbox 360.

Premonition4246d ago

The videos to small but cool nonetheless.

fenderputty4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

If it is, you can blame yourself for being hyped up over some jackasses podcast. The best thing a PS3 fan can do is not read into random statment from some dude over the net. For all you and I know, it's just him trying to draw more attention to his site.

PhilHarrison4246d ago

We rule the console race, what a great announcement

bobbybrown4246d ago

i want your babies phil!

Grown Folks Talk4246d ago

like dave chappelle wanted oprah's babies, or like mike tyson wanted that boxer's babies?

gta_cb4246d ago

ummm... why are you lot talking about babies lol?

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