Barlog: God of War III Video Isn't Real

A precarious video has crept up on the Intarweb that claims that Sony and its Santa Monica studio are deep in production on God of War III.

The problem is that it's entirely fake. A contact from Sony told IGN that "the video is a hoax and is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Sony Computer Entertainment."

Also check out the Alternative Source below for the Video

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sonarus4738d ago

I wonder how long it would take to make a GOW3 on the PS3. GOW basically pushed the ps2 technology to its limits and i would like to see the next one do the same. But the way 2 ended i would like to see 3 come out more sooner than later

DrPirate4738d ago

I want God of War 3 to be as intense and revolutionary as the previous ones.

If it must come out at the end of the PS3 cycle when the price is low, everyone owns one, and there is sufficient programming skill and knowledge on PS3's hardware to create a truly great game, then I am all for waiting :).

Cartesian3D4738d ago

God of war III for begining ... and God of war 4 for the end.. or may be 5 ..

this game is sick and never boring... its F'in FUN.. cant wait for 3 and Im sure they know GOW3 is a system seller ..