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Anyone who has played Free Radical's previous games can't help but be excited about the announcement of their first next generation title. The team initially started as a handful of refugees from the GoldenEye 64 development and quickly made a name for themselves through their first-person shooters. These titles took the creative spark that made GoldenEye such a hit and breathed both life and fun into it. They are known for taking risks with their games, not just with new technology but also in their choice of style and story. When other games were suiting up in high-tech gear, their TimeSplitter heroes and heroines were quirky and fun.

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timmyp534746d ago

hell yea. I remember me and my bro laughing hard as hell playing timesplitters hours without rest. I hope they can capture just a little bit of those good times... but a serious game would be kool too.

slugg4745d ago

Making this game a timed exclusive on PS3 is a good idea. Unless they hope that such will get them more sales on 360 after the Halo 3 firestorm has died down, but come on-- even the Sony Fanboys point out that the 360 is a "shooter-based" console, so releasing this on PS3 first? Hope Sony gave them enough $ to make that a worthwhile gamble...

solidt124737d ago

This game will probably be better than halo 3