The Truth About Monster Cable

Wilson Rothman from Gizmodo just got back from meeting with Noel Lee from Monster Cable, along with a posse of affiliated ladies and gentlemen, and their heavy equipment. He was there to talk to them about the fact that they sell-and have convinced a lot of retailers to sell-very expensive cable ($120 for 2 meters.) At the same time, there are cheaper non-Monster cables available on the Internet. The simple question Why? resulted in an organized, technical 2-hour response.

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timmyp534786d ago

i have a 6 ft. for $11 total off the internet and its sweet. Monster cable is good for people who need longer wires running through their house.

tplarkin74785d ago

There really is a difference with Monster cables. However, it looks like I would only need the cheapo type for 1080i.

WoundedMoon4785d ago

I think this deals fairly with both sides of the debate, and gets to the heart of the matter, what do you really require. In my own words "you can drive that nail with this 2000 dolar hammer, or you can try out this 10 hammer..."

Adamalicious4785d ago

While it's true that a digital signal will degrade over distance the way that it's put forth by Monster is disingenuous. If you had a really low quality cable and a ridiculously long run you could certainly have some issues. But if you have a decent cable and a reasonable size run - say 5-10 feet from your PS3 to your TV - there is NO WAY you'll see an improvement with monster cables. Don't buy the crappiest cable you can find - it'll just fall apart, but don't buy the most expensive either. I use 2 Philips HDMI cables I got at Walmart and they work flawlessly. Not junk, but no Monster.

Analogue signal is a whole different story.

Bullseye4785d ago

Firstly when i tried to make a case for quality cables in one of my posts a short while ago i was dis-agrreed with. Now, while this test is fairly objective there is something i would like to add. You cannot take the cable in isolation from other components in the system.To maximise performance all components need careful selection.

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