Microsoft Photosynth Demo

Slashdot reports:
A couple of days ago Microsoft labs released a demo of their new Photosynth software on the web. Photosynth allows the aggregation of social picture networks (a la Flickr) into a completed image in addition to allowing a level of depth to image browsing previously unavailable. There is also a very impressive video of the demo available.

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TnS4746d ago

Note: in Firefox you have to enable popups for that site or it doesn't works. (At least that was the case at me.)

Impressive. :)

eLiNeS4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

Better quality video here:

Just incredible!!!

BIadestarX4746d ago

it will no be long before someone(microst hater) comes here and say this was copied or stolen... and that ms cant innovate.

Kyur4ThePain4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

Just so you know, this is not original MS work, but an acquired company that developed the technology.


Very cool, though.

BIadestarX4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

ohh I get it... so, a technology made by a group or company microsoft owns is not considered a microsoft tecnology. I guess you were expecting bill gates to be the one personally sitting and making this technology.
let me ask you something, if a game is made my bungie (a microsoft own studio) is it a first party game or it has to be made on the main office to be a microsoft game studio game?
Question, if this technology works, who makes the money Microsoft or "Seadragon Software"?
Microsoft owns this company/group.... so as much as you try to spin it... technology belongs to microsoft and therefore is microsoft.
Nice try though.

Kyur4ThePain4745d ago

you drag me down to your level of fanboyism.
Suffice to say that MS bought the company AFTER the technology was developed. That's all I was pointing out.
Kind of like Dell buying Apple and saying "we invented the iPod".

BIadestarX4745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

I think you are the one who's a fanboy. Look at your the image, next to your name. You are the one that no matter what it is as long as is from microsoft is always not good enough or stolen. What is microsoft? Do you think that people working at microsoft are born in microsoft land and everyone making products there are of the Microsoft bloodline? Microsoft employees come from different companies and backgrounds.

Besides don't forget to mention that this purchase was made on January 28, 2006 more than 1 year and a half. The have being working on this since then... with a lot more resources and staff than before... obviously microsoft has nothing to do with this technology at all.

You are just pissed because you can't find anything wrong with this technology that you can bash.

"Kind of like Dell buying Apple and saying "we invented the iPod"." ohh wow... mmm... I wonder why the title of this post is "Microsoft Photosynth" instead of "Seadragon Software Photosynth".

So yes, if Dell would buy Apple, the IPod would come with a dell logo and not something that says, "Dell but created by apple" so, bottom line it would be a DELL Product.

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DJ4745d ago

I wish I could use that software NOW. I can imagine visiting theme parks in 3D, just based off the photos millions of people have taken at those sites...or even crazier things.

-Mad Props-

DreamSnach24745d ago

but ummm Kyur4ThePain it say on the link that you gave "Microsoft is acquiring Seadragon Software, a Seattle-based company" so ms has had to have had some part in it some way or some how

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