What is a hardcore gamer?

What exactly does the term "hardcore gamer" mean to you? This has been a question that has gotten a lot of debate time on EG.

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skynidas4738d ago

Good article is difficult to have a really definition of hardcore gamer but this article almost make it perfect

PS360WII4738d ago

3 types of hardcore ^^ I'm the 3rd one without a doubt!

Mecha1054738d ago

i fall under the third category also

ItsDubC4738d ago

Admittedly, while I don't currently fit into any of the 3 categories, I'm guilty of having been the 1st type of hardcore gamer with regards to Street Fighter II, Quake II, Perfect Dark (N64), and Tekken 3.

Most self-proclaimed hardcore gamer members of n4g fall into the 2nd category.

I am open-minded enough to be willing to play anything and am primarily concerned with having fun when gaming but I do not own all consoles and therefore cannot fit into the 3rd category. The 3rd category is really an elite few on this site.