The Games That Defined The Nintendo NES

The Nintendo Entertainment System is legendary in the video game world. Nintendo virtually came out of nowhere to invade the world with a reborn love for home-based video games. To fuel the revolution, Nintendo and a skilled group of third parties loaded the NES library with a wealth of high quality 8-bit games that would not only ingrain themselves in the minds of youngsters, but set standards for video game generations to come.

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PS360WII4247d ago

"Kid Icarus also differs greatly from Metroid in terms of atmosphere as it is set in a fantasy world" sooooo Metroid isn't a fantasy world...

ITR4247d ago

Metroid is a Scifi and Kid Icarus is more Greek mythology

fenderputty4247d ago

Dragon Quest

At least those were the games that I loved and remember the most. Edrick's Armor anyone.

ItsDubC4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

lol, I still play RC ProAm at every once in a while.

EDIT: OMG! isn't as cool anymore! =(

Bloodmask4247d ago

but does anyone remember a little gem called Blaster Master? That was probably my favorite NES game of all time

kewlkat0074247d ago

Feels good that I can say, I played all those games.

Another sleeper hit was "STAR TROPICS", luved that game, and of course it got me into Video Game OST's, as well as action RPG's. I know I'm a ubergamer geek in that fashion

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The story is too old to be commented.