Wii players go from 'Wow!' to 'Ow!'

ST. LOUIS - Christmas finally arrived at Jim Henvick's house several weeks ago.
After four months of waiting, the gift he most wanted came: one of the wildly popular Nintendo Wii game consoles. The $250 systems are in such demand that retailers sell out quickly. Mr. Henvick got one at a video game store minutes after it came off the delivery truck.

Later that day, Mr. Henvick started to play - and did not stop for four hours.

"I noticed that my arms were getting sore; I was having trouble lifting them over my head," said Mr. Henvick, 35, of Ballwin, Mo. "So I finally had to stop for the night. If it wasn't for the soreness, I probably would've kept going. I was pretty sore the next day, too."

Stories abound of Wii gamers' playing so intently that they sprain muscles or tear tendons. Some gamers, in their exuberance, hurt bystanders or damage objects nearby. The Web sites and post photos and video of the worst examples.

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unsunghero284745d ago

Because it acknowledges that the Wii is very active and different while at the same time not going out and calling the average gamer an inactive slob.

gta_cb4744d ago

yeh i see what you mean, although i doubt i would use the Wii i am thinking maybe to buy this for my younger brothers for Christmas this year.

Silver3604745d ago (Edited 4745d ago )

put the damn wii mote down, if your arms hurt DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

tplarkin74744d ago

If there is a 2-3 hour limit on playing Wii games, that must hurt game sales.

darkdoom30004744d ago

you can play longer if you dont want to hurt urself!

Saint Sony4744d ago

I guess Wii is like a good sports, sometimes it hurts, but damn fun!

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