The 10 Most Kick-Ass Video Game Weapons

Almost universally, video games revolve around some sort of conflict and, more often than not, it is at least somewhat violent. Therefore, Eddie Rocco from the Viking have compiled a list of some of the most ass-kicking ways to put the hurt on your opponents. The following weapons have whoop-assery written all over them, and they make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you actually get to use them - and then again while you watch your enemies cry.

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PS360PCROCKS4746d ago

a chess peice? are you kidding me? The lancer from GOW pwns them all. You get to shoot AND chainsaw? Anybody who has played Gears KNOWS that the first time you do it it's the coolest feeling EVER. I'd throw in Kratos's abilities too, the guy has so much cool sh*t. kind of a lame list.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4746d ago

Severed Nord Leg from TES3: Morrowind, it held unlimb'ited destruction inside its rotting flesh. :)LOL

PS360PCROCKS4746d ago

your avatar scares me lol, I think I am the only one who got freaked out by the grudge

MySwordIsHeavenly4746d ago

You are dude. The grudge is the worst excuse for a movie to ever release...

...besides The Darkness. Anna Paquin should just quit now!

PS360PCROCKS4746d ago funny is that I guess I suck at life...although I love being scared so I ALLOW myself to be. Haunted houses I let myself be scared just cause.

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PS360WII4746d ago (Edited 4746d ago )

It's really hard to fit all of the uber weapons in all of gaming on one list of 10. What's wrong with the Queen chess piece?! Where's BFG from Doom or the almighty H1 pistol? My favorite one was 'Shotgun any game with a shotgun in it' lol true, true, true dat

However, all in all that's one fine list of weapontry ^^

nice_cuppa4746d ago

im sure we did and i said the cerebral bore.

UltimateTroll4746d ago

It was like the game just changed from hard to easy at that point, fuking amazing!

calderra4746d ago

Without the BFG, there is no list.

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