AMD R600 Tech Demo

This video was shown in the CeBIT Expo this year, and it´s rendered in real time by the ATI´s last graphical chip, known in that moment as the R600, now this family of cards are the HD2x00 series.

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THWIP4738d ago

That's what I was HOPING Perfect Dark Zero would look like. :(

Sangheili854738d ago

Yeah thats what i was thinking the entire video Damn you RARE DAMN YOU!!

Fart_Bubbles4738d ago

color me unimpressed, her face looked stiff and I could even some stutter in the framerate, ATI is losing ground to Nvidia bigtime. Shame as I was always partial to ATI.

Silvia0074738d ago

But I own a GTX right now and it's pretty darn good. R600 does not impress me, but eventually, they'll get it right. That is... if they don't bite the dust. Nice to have a healthy competition.

Xi4738d ago

they wont bite the dust, they've been purchased by amd.

gta_cb4737d ago

nicely said Xi lol, there not going anywhere

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The story is too old to be commented.