Ten Features Wanted in the Next Xbox Dashboard Update

Ten Features Wanted in the Next Xbox Dashboard Update...

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zonetrooper54748d ago

While the ten points are alright and are needed for the next update. I would like MS to make MSN messenger on the Xbox 360 much better, it was rushed and I can tell.

Xi4748d ago

the web browser. That just leaves the door open to stuff that could be harmful.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4748d ago

Web browsers just ask for trouble, keep it a closed network. I have a PC for browsing the net much like the billions of other people that do. I think that should be replaced with being able to download news text/podcast/chat rooms/forums Like XBstream but better. Everything else on that list I agree with.

Eclipticus4748d ago

video chat thru msn would be nice, a web browser would be nice, but not necessary. i like the idea of xbox1 games. dammit i wanna people to know i am playing republic commando. and there was another one. 8 i believe. 5,8,10 i agree with. everything else i could care less about

darktangent4748d ago

1.Group voice chat
2.Larger Friends list
3.A way to group people on my friendslist together (i.e. Gears of War players,ShadowRun Players, Great Snipers, Local players etc.)

Daxx4748d ago

That's my wish list too, lol.

Caxtus7504748d ago (Edited 4748d ago )

small feature but adding a comment next to someone on my friends list would help. Like many Live users i tend to forget who everyone is.

LL gamertag LL: John, from MLG forum


xX Gamertag Xx: my halo double team friend.

May sound stupid but im sure many people wil find it more useful than they think. Also, Web browser seems gimmicky to me. We all have PCs.

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The story is too old to be commented.