New Remastered Metal Gear Solid 4 Trailer

Here is a remastered version of the trailer from E3 2006 which had created sensation at the time of its presentation. This new version was carried out with the new engine for the playstation 3 and thus benefits from notable improvements: irreproachable fluidity, additions of effects of particles, motion blur, lightings, additional angles of camera,… the result is extremely promising.

Note: watch trailer carefully at least till the middle of runtime to notice additions

-Running on latest 3D Engine on ps3
-added new camera angles
-added storyline & extra gameplay with snake vs enemy Giant machine

1) Smooth framerate all the time.
2) Particle effects are greatly improved. Whether it's sparks or rubble, whenever a Gekkou breaks something, there's a thick cloud of small stones and dust. Smoke is more prominent too.
3) Motion blur.
4) Some very slight angle changes. For instance, when Snake picks up his cigarette.

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nice_cuppa5132d ago
how about some gameplay.

pleeeeeeeeease !

zantetsuken5132d ago

All MG cutscenes have been real-time, they have been since the orignal on PS. What you see is basiclaly gameplay. Go watch the TGS trailer for HUD and FPV shots.

MK_Red5132d ago

I really hope this is not the June 11th surprise. Alas, this is a good one, added effects specially motion blur make this uber cool trailer even cooler!!

tehcellownu5132d ago

everyone know this is goin to be the greatest game of all time..graphically its goin to be amazing kojima is goin all out usin the ps3.

Lex Luthor5132d ago

Looks flippin SICK. However i would like to see some real time gameplay.

Raiden looks like a shadow of his former self.

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The story is too old to be commented.