Final Bioshock Box Art Unveiled

Featuring a hulking Big Daddy and a Little Sister hiding in the shadows, the official cover art for the 360 and PC versions of Bioshock is about what you'd expect.

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PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

Nice this will look great as part of my collection and final box art means closer to final game code which means a final game soon? PLEASE :)

PlayStation3604747d ago

But how will the Collector's Edition look like? Thats the version I plan on getting. :)

tehcellownu4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

No only xbox stamp?? PS3 version is coming!! well it doesnt say its exclusive anywhere on PC box or 360.. and i hope everyone know that they announced it for PS3 then later they scraped it..not that i care about this game but the more the better for all ps3 owners..

The Real Joker4747d ago

Please visit the official site and you will see that it is for 360 and PC only.

Daxx4747d ago

PS3 owners are so desperate for games, lol.

ben hates you4747d ago

they can't put that on it when its going to windows, moron, its so doubtful it will come to ps3 they would nearly have to restart

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

I never thought about the PC version but how do we even know this official? nor 2K's website have this information on their...

Numark4747d ago

it is confirmed it will be for the PC and Xbox 360, and no information on whether or not it will be on the ps3 eventually. It is possible I suppose.

And cover art looks cool, but then again, who honestly cares about the cover art...

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The story is too old to be commented.