Sony VP: PSP Suffers from PS2 Port-itis

Zeno Colaço, vice president of publisher and developer relations at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, recently spoke with U.K. publication Pocket Gamer about the state of Sony's portable gaming business.

It's no secret that the Nintendo DS is dominating, not just handhelds but seemingly all platforms. It's quite a task for any company to compete with Nintendo and its handheld legacy, but it's actually a testament to Sony that the PSP is sticking around and performing reasonably well, compared with prior handhelds like the Game Gear or Lynx, which just completely withered away in the presence of the Game Boy juggernaut.

That said, while the DS is leaving the competition behind with over 40 million units sold worldwide, the PSP's installed base of 20 million is nothing to sneeze at. For Sony, it's just a matter of getting more content onto the platform that's been specifically designed to take advantage of its capabilities.

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BlackCountryBob4747d ago

It is something I do very much agree with, the PSP is truly an awsome piece of kit and is in technological terms (graphical power, 3D rendering and that bloody beautiful screen) light years ahead of the DS (which I own so no fanboy here) but I never wanted to play the PSP games, I couldn't understand how so many developers expected people to buy a copy of a game for the PS2 and then buy the same game again for the PSP which has levels and features removed for the same price.

Sony itself has some absolutely fantastic franchises which it could have leveraged to make the PSP a success and to a certain extent it did with particularly Daxter coming to mind in this matter but in its efforts to convert other devs to the format by highlighting its similarities to the PS2 it was also the thing that to a certain extent halted its success by failing to differentiate its platforms enough.

Still, there is a certain irony that the PSP is talked about as a failure when it has sold 20m+ units, I guess failure is a subjective thing coz 20m of anything sold is a success in my book.