Developing The Darkness for 360 and PS3 was "bordering on stupidity" says Starbreeze

In a recent Q&A with Gamespot Jens Matthies, Art Director at Starbreeze, discussed voice actors, in-game advertising and developing a game for two next-gen consoles.

When asked what sort of technical limitations Starbreeze came across when developing The Darkness for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 Matthies responding saying that "this game as a whole has been the single most challenging experience of my life. The fact that we did it for two new platforms that are fundamentally very different is bordering on stupidity."

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PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

"We reckon that in a year or so this will be happening less and less as developers start to make concrete decisions on which system to support."

Doubtful...very doubtful. Money money money, you don't get money by only supporting one console, not this time around.

Saint Sony4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

It really depends how we look at it, but surely money is the key. It is all about money money money.

One platform :Speed of development is better --> quality game --> decent/great sales/unless flop ---> next game (shorter time span)

Multiplatform : Slower development --> maybe not as much quality ---> best sales/unless flop ---> next game (longer time span)

You would get money with faster productivity (many games) for one platform, but on the other hand you might get HUGE sales from multiplatform with just one GOOD game.

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

No your right and you get bubbles for making a good comment bro. Thanks for feedback that makes sense. I see what your saying and I totally agree, depends on the game though.

nobizlikesnowbiz4747d ago

yea but how are devs to effeciently develope for 2 diff systems which are completely different? i mean it just seems like a damn headache.

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

I will reply to you as the person below me is an idiot. Lead platform my ass, it's HARDER to develop for, why would they do that to themselves? They would rather develop the game and get it running easily on the 360 and optimize it for the PS3. Their all already doing that...anyways all they have to do is run two development teams for the coding aspects. Yes it seems like a huge pain in the ass but if you think about the price of game development it's cheaper to add some extra bodies and make it multi-platform as if it's worth it, the game will net you 500,000-1 million more copies sold. Hence you will make alot more money than you would lose by adding some extra people.

PS360PCROCKS4747d ago

I need six disagrees guys. come on try here. losers.

bobbybrown4747d ago

xbox360rocks 2.1 - I will reply to you as the person below me is an idiot.

xbox360rocks 2.2 - I need six disagrees guys. come on try here. losers.


tehcellownu4747d ago

"By then the PlayStation 3 will be at a point in its lifespan where it will be showing what it really has to offer."

Confirmed PS3 will be the lead platform for many games.

Saint Sony4747d ago

If PS3 won't get a lot wider user base and soon, you can forget your hopes.

Wait a minute..ah.. forgot "soon" can't be said with PS3.

DJ4747d ago

that it's easier to make PS3 the lead platform. Developers typically aren't the ones who decided to go multiplatform; publishers are the ones who push for it. Some try and push individual teams to optimize for multiple systems (very difficult, and requires even more time and money), but a few are actually smart enough to have dedicated teams that share game content, but focus on individual platforms.

weekapaugh4747d ago

Confirmed PS3 will be the lead platform for many games.

true, DVD can only last so long. Devs want more storage.

ACE4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

sony has messed that in to fanboys heads .

disc space low on 360 lol do u believe that crap ? .

no wonder u have 1 buble .

oh by the way has n e 1 played the demo of dirt on 360 ? it AMAZING the best so far . the whole package graphics, sound and physics AMAZING

dachiefsman4747d ago

I thought dirt sucked....especially the loading screens....if I would have been drunk I would have puked, but then again I am not a huge racing fan. I didn't like the commentary during the beginning of the game, "Alright are you ready to race!" wtf?

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The story is too old to be commented.