Xbox 360 Keyboard Squad XP Hands-On

When the GamerScore Blog guys were in town Squad XP was able to mess around with the new keyboard attachment that's coming out soon. They had no price to quote but they did mention it's coming with a headset. If you follow MS's trends of adding useless stuff to something then saying that the price is justifiable because of the value of the overall package. It's safe to say the keyboard is going to run us $29.99 USD.

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Animagi4745d ago

Nice. I'm looking forward to the keyboard. However, i'm sure it WON'T be $30. At the LEAST it'll be $50. Micro$oft will never let us get a deal.

BIadestarX4745d ago

The price does sound too low... but I will not be complaining if this is the actual price.

PS360WII4745d ago

I'd buy it for 30 no problem. It would be annoying if it is $50 due to the headset...

Eclipticus4745d ago

honestly, they are giving the headsets away with everything.
the camera, the keyboard, the premium. im sure they will package it with halo 3 next....

tplarkin74745d ago

MS wants everyone to have the easiest typing experience possible, so they shouldn't charge more than $30. It would be best if they sell it for $20. It can't cost that much to make.

God of Gaming4745d ago

for some reason 39.99 seems dead on.. same price as the camera. Id love it at 30 but I just dont see that. Hope I am wrong

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