4 Ways The Legend of Zelda Could Change for the Better

Some fans may love the age-old formula, but is Nintendo's most cherished franchise overdue for an overhaul?

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snoop_dizzle4740d ago

but i definetly disagree with allowing more than one person to play.

What i liked about zelda was it was more of a personal experience.

achira4740d ago

the new zelda is too linear, zelda ocarina of time, majoras mask and zelda 3 a link to the past, are the best zeldas.

ChickeyCantor4740d ago

he bashing Windwaker?......
Windwaker was a great game, if you complain about the gfx you just didnt played it all.

PhinneousD4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

I believe the whole world in Windwaker was a lot bigger as well, more side quests and more worlds/islands to explore. It tooke me longer to complete as well AND Windwaker was more challenging than the "way too easy" Twilight Princess. Outta the two newest Zeldas, I prefer Windwaker over Twilight, but both are classics.

calderra4740d ago

#1 way to fix it- Have Miyamoto take his head out of his rear. I like the guy and all, but he's falling desperately out of step.

Anyone remember the SpaceWorld 2000 demo, when Teen Link faced off against Ganandorf, and everyone was delighted by the awesomeness? And then Miyamoto claimed that Windwaker was always how Zelda was supposed to be, that Link was always going to be an 8-year-old kid, and that Zelda games were made for kids?

And then, lo and behold, out comes Twilight Princes, which was basically exactly what everyone wanted from the SpaceWorld2k demo. Hmmm...

Similarly, anyone remember when Miyamoto claimed that Mario Sunshine was the ultimate realization of his vision, and that Mario was always intended to be that sort of game? No, nevermind that his first games all featured him as a plumber, a construction worker, a hotel owner, etc- the original vision was always using a water pack to collect pieces of the sun. Or more currently, when Mario is hopping across the galaxy and bouncing on the planets or... something... You can clearly see the progression! Right?

And move on to recently, when Miyamoto said that he doesn't care what people want from his games, he's going to make them how he wants. Taken out of contect, that might seem like a noble idea. But I don't think that sentiment is anywhere near as noble as people want to think it is.