Harrison, Kaplan And Llewelyn All Departing Nintendo Of America

Now that the June deadline date for Nintendo of America staff has reared its head, the fallout from Nintendo's Sales and Marketing move has been leaked. According to GameInformer's sources, approximately 90% of the Nintendo of America Sales and Marketing Staff has decided not to make the move to either San Francisco or New York, thereby taking a severance and leaving the company.

Three key executives will be leaving Nintendo of America, including Senior Director of Public Relations Beth Llewelyn; Vice President, Marking and Corporate Affairs Perrin Kaplan; and Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications George Harrison. When these three will actually depart the company is unknown at this time, however, GameInformer is betting on the fact that they'll stay with Nintendo of America until the upcoming E3 show is over.

Currently, this basically wipes out the majority of Nintendo of America's key marketing executives. The only two major executives remaining at Nintendo of America include Chairman and CEO Tatsumi Kimishima and President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime. However, whether or not they will be packing a U-Haul and trekking to San Francisco or New York is unknown at this time.

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PS360WII4749d ago

that's a bit stubborn. You're going to still be a big wig in a major corparation the only thing is you'll have to move somewhere else. If your a career orianted person this shouldn't be a problem. Also I almost think it's fair to say that if these people where married they probably would have the higher paying job. Ah well maybe this is just a nice way of 'letting them go' rather than firing them for being such big talkers. Harrison for one with his we'll take over everything speach a few weeks ago. Then again what the hell do I know about Nintendo Inc....

TaylorB4749d ago (Edited 4749d ago )

Currently these HQs are in Redmond, WA. New York is very different from the Northwest area. San Francisco is similar in many ways to the Seattle Northwest culture, but it's still a busy city with somewhat unattractive cities like Oakland nearby.

Fact of the matter is that it's a lifestyle change for these Northwest families and individuals. Considering the very pleasant, active, and attractive areas near Redmond, (Seattle and Bellevue) it's really a metro area that's still very close to nature. The Seattle area is second to Monterey/Carmel CA for me. (Central CA Coast)

So it's very understandable that they don't want to move. I love San Francisco myself, but as a person who's lived in both California and Washington (Bellevue / Seattle) I can see why they want to say. I love the area and I'm sure thats why they dont want to move. I personally wouldn't want to live in San Francisco either, and commuting from an awesome place like Monterey/Carmel CA would be far too long. :)

Hell, they should move HQ down to San Diego.

razer4749d ago

Over priced, over crowded dumps for cities.. I don't see why Nintendo wants to move from their Washington HQ to these places where the cost to do business is so much more? I can see WA as not being a "happening" place but it is cheaper than both cities they are considering.

PS360WII4749d ago

I guess I'll go with my last sentence ^^