Games blamed for decline in national park attendance

The Christian Science Monitor along with the National Wildlife Federation reports that videogames are one of the reasons (along with cell phones, TV, and gas prices) national parks in North America have seen a sharp decline in attendance over the last few years. More kids are becoming couch potatoes and developing a "nature deficit disorder", and parks are suffering as a result. The NWF is launching programs around the country to fight the indooredness of these sun-deprived folk whose only interaction with trees is in World of Warcraft

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PS360WII4738d ago

yeah or they are going to places that aren't tourist traps...

Dr Pepper4738d ago

How did they blame it on cell phones? Wouldn't that make it easier to go to a National Park? They could also blame it on a lot more things than just the remaining three issues, such as: school, homework, work in general, books, sports, etc.

XxZxX4738d ago

why go to park when you can fly around in banshee or warhawk.

Carnivore4738d ago

If they gave you like, 20 Achievement points, then maybe I'd go.

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