1up's Impressions of the trailer of Fallout 3

Impressions of the teaser of Fallout 3 coming Fall 08' to Ps3, Xbox360 and PC.

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tehcellownu4149d ago

i thought it was only for the 360? i guess ps3 owner can enjoy this game too..hehe..

Captain Tuttle4149d ago

I'm cautiously optimistic for this game. The "devil's advocate" got the name of the band singing the song wrong though...It's the Ink Spots, not the Ink Blots.

ElementX4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

The best part about Fallout games, besides all the gory fighting is the "Pipboy" retro looking pictures. Love 'em! I can't help but smile when I see those illustrated pictures.

peksi4149d ago

They have a HD version of the trailer. IGN wants you to pay for it.

You simply can't expect a bad quality game from the developers of Fallout.

MK_Red4149d ago

To ElementX, Thats Vault Boy not Pipboy! his name is Pip. Hope Bethesda an follow original Fallout Makers (Black Isle) in quality.

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