IGN UK: The Saboteur Review

Paris waits before you, the city of romance yours to stalk and scale at your own pleasure – so it's only natural that the first port of call would be the Eiffel Tower, its glittering heights begging to be conquered. It promises to be a virtuoso moment, a Gallic alternative to Crackdown's Agency Tower, but the truth is desperately frustrating. Button mashing soon gives way to pad smashing as the game's hero clumsily trots to the top, before being sent to a graceless demise by some pitiful platform mechanics. What should be exhilarating is often unplayable, and it's a recurring problem with The Saboteur, a game with massive potential that goes largely untapped.

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wxer3243d ago

oh wow
i think EA saw this coming
thats why they closed pandemic

DasBunker3243d ago

this uncharted clone in the 40s had no chance from the start..

looked boring as f*** and the uncharted-like gameplay mechanichs were poorly executed..