Confirmed: Javelin Glitch users will not be banned on PS3

CC: Yesterday there were rumours with no solid proof that Sony will not be taking any action against any PS3 users that use the Javelin glitch on Modern Warfare. This has today been confirmed.

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Bungie3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

that's sucks

why would anybody want to play with a cheater

the MP will suck

i guess $ony don't care

rdgneoz33240d ago

Why should sony punish people for IW not knowing how to fix their own broken game? They're not hacking the game at all, they're abusing sh!t that should have been fixed before the game even shipped. Banning people won't fix the problem, IW needs to actually move their a$$es and fix it as soon as possible.

JD_Shadow3240d ago

No one on PSN is stopping YOU from using the glitch before it's patched (which should be soon if not already done).

Alcon Caper3240d ago

haha, what makes you think IW is in any rush to make a fix for this? Also, Live should feel obligated to take action since it's a pay-for service. PSN shouldn't feel obligated since it's free and they'll just wait for the IW fix (whenever THAT comes)

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mj2463240d ago

Sony need to start getting in contact more with their community and punish them for the wrong things they do.

Mr Tretton3240d ago

IW deserves all the blame.

PirateThom3240d ago

Why would you ban the end users? All they're doing is exploiting a glitch in game.

Shouldn't it rest on Infinity Ward to fix the thing, rather than Sony or Microsoft to take action?

Modern Warfare 2 is broken, don't blame the end users for taking advantage of a game that was never tested correctly.

kornbeaner3240d ago

But MS does blame the end user for this problem. If a glitch is found the end user cannot use it on grounds that they will suspended/banned from XBL. Which sucks because that just allows IW to deal with the issue on their time, instead of caring for the community and dealing with it right away.

Alcon Caper3240d ago

Haha, you argue for PSN right now. MEANWHILE, while you're getting blown up by cheaters, I'll be playing a legitimate game on Live.


PirateThom3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

I won't be playing the game at all since it sucks online, I'm talking in principle.

Shouldn't be down to the platformer holder, but the developer, to make their game fair.

kornbeaner3240d ago

@alcon hahaha you're actually playing that Piece of over-hyped garbage. jokes on you friend. Played it, passed it, done with it. The game is garbage.

@Thom that is my feeling exactly IW is probably on vacation and won't get around to fixing this until later this year or sometime in January. MS should've allowed the glitching to go on, that way users can see how much or how little IW really cares about their user base and from the crappy support both MW1 and 2 have gotten I am going to say very little. I would think MS would've put pressure on IW to remedy this issue quickly since they have a bundle with this title included. But I guess a company that puts out faulty hardware doesn't have an issue with faulty software.

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Larry L3240d ago

Good, I personally wouldn't buy MW2 anyway because I knew it was just going to be more CoD4 all over again, which I have no interest in. But the fact is, Sony shouldn't ban anyone for using this example of bad coding. Neither should M$. It's not a hack or a cheat. It's just taking advantage of half-arsed coding. It rests on IW and EA to patch this if it's something they feel players shouldn't do.

The game's a complete noob-fest anyway. This doesn't make it any more of one really. It really will just teach people a lesson for playing run and gun. On the negative side, it's going to mean alot more people are just going to be camping as to not get close to the people doing this glitch. In a way, I wish I picked up the game just to do this glitch. I use it just to hide out waiting for someone to think they're sneaky and knife me...........BOOM!!! lol

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