Koku Gamer Holiday Video Game Buying Gift Guide

The last couple of years have been phenomenal in the gaming industry, from the Triple AAA titles in 2007 to their sequels in 2009, if you're a gamer all your wishes have been answered as three years later and all our favorite 2007 releases have had their second counter parts released. No matter what genre you're into there is something for you this year. This guide will go genre by genre to give you the best possible solution for gift to give your loved one. So let's begin.

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Runamuck863430d ago

if o dont get at least 3 of these games im be pissed lol

Ziriux3429d ago

Alright wigga. I thought you PM'ed me about Assassins Creed II and how you bought it thanking me for the suggestion.

RedDeadLB3430d ago

Assassins Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2 and Uncharted 2.. That's it for me

Ziriux3430d ago

Those three are definitely wise choices my friend. I personally loved Uncharted 2.

cb8103430d ago

hell yeah... that will cover my brother & step-brother

Ziriux3429d ago

Gamer family I take it?