Hellgate Is Back - The Monster Walks Again

When everyone thought it was over, it's back. Flopped and shot in an early grave, Hellgate: London is being revamped and renamed Hellgate: Resurrection and put back on the shelves - at least in Asia.

There are also rumours about an EU/US revival.

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Maticus3245d ago

There's enough of a following for it to sell enough, IMO. Good news!

DeepThought3245d ago

hmm, i never really got into that one. maybe ill give it a shot this time around.

Leord3245d ago

Well, unless you live in Korea, you won't! No confirmation on a EU/US release yet... :(

Leord3245d ago

Besides being buggy as nothing else, I thought it was very fun to play. More content is really all it needs. I do wish the game all the best, and hopefully a US/EU release!

Medievaldragon3245d ago

Well, lot of people will get the deja vu from getting flagshipped, but that samurai templar armor looks neato.

Leord3245d ago

The original armours were pretty neat as well... Both the fully armoured males, and the next-to-nekkid females :D

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The story is too old to be commented.