OXM UK: The Saboteur review

Sean Devlin is Irish. No, really, he says things like "top o' the mornin'" and is unable to pronounce his dental fricatives.

He's also on a drip-feed of whiskey and women, and headbutts any Nazis who dare to call him British. He is, regrettably, voiced by an American who absolutely cannot do the accent, so in a single sentence his upbringing veers between Dublin, Belfast, Cork and every part of Scotland - but despite this he's well-acted, superbly written and the best thing in this slightly duff action game.

Great script but a mediocre game.

* Surprisingly funny
* Lots of choice
* Car handling is off
* Feels rigid and unconvincing
* Paris is flat, boxy and uninteresting

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LinuxGuru3241d ago

Not surprised to see a score like this...despite all the hoopla about the visuals, the game turned out to be average at very best.