Eurogamer: The Saboteur review

So what do you get? You get Grand Theft Auto III crossed with 'Allo 'Allo: an open-world mission-based game based in a cobbled muddle of Parisian streets, in which you can accept objectives from a handful of different factions, stealth-kill Nazis and don their disguises, race cars about, driving through German checkpoint barriers and generally work to take back the city, winning crucial battles in the game's various Fightback Zones while unlocking a range of perks to help you on your way.

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mrv3213242d ago

'You get Grand Theft Auto III crossed with 'Allo 'Allo: an open-world mission-based game based in a cobbled muddle of Parisian streets,'

That sounds like an awsome IDEA. Infact it is an awsome idea for a game.

'Borrowed ideas are also everywhere to be seen, from the escape radius of GTAIV to the parkour of Assassin's Creed and the visibility radar from titles like Prototype (this is a little circle on the bottom of your mini-map that tells you that you're being watched, and that it's probably not too long before Jerry turns up to give you a shoeing).'

I'm pretty sure the games listen ALSO stole those ideas. I know for a fact a indicator of you being watched isn't new to a game and parkour is a bit like platforming so I really don't know what the reviewer is getting at. Maybe they don't like the idea of games having features from other games... I really don't care where it comes from but instead how good it is.

'Creative theft is hardly a rarity either these days but Pandemic doesn't always seem to understand the mechanics it's pillaging: the game's stealth is even more artificial than it is in a lot of other titles, with Nazis forgetting all about you the minute you hide in a shed in most cases.'

A bit like Assassins Creed where you horse can exceed the speed limit or in COD MW2 where your enemies will ALLWAYS pop up in the same place forgetting that you shot there a minute ago.

And how nit picky does one have to be to write about an achievement anyway?

sparta763241d ago

Yeah I agree with u.
I'm still getting it, I've been waiting a long time for this game

mrv3213241d ago

I am getting it but I don't have the money and honestly it does look good, not a 10/10 OR 9/10 but a good solid and well made game. Like Red frection.

ian723241d ago

Have watched this game played on JTV and it looks good. I was impressed. I will be getting this tomorrow when its released.