GameCritics: Fairytale Fights Review

GameCritics writes: "After playing Fairytale Fights, I couldn't help but wonder how this game got made. At some point, someone had to have looked at it and said "Yeah, let's go with this. Green light." The fact that this happened simply does not compute.

I mean, don't get me wrong-the premise is golden. Take well-loved tales everyone knows and skew them in a hyper-violent way. Red Riding Hood wielding a cleaver sounds pretty exciting. Snow White taking shots with a blunderbuss? Even better. What's not to like about this concept? I was halfway sold just thinking about the possibilities, but having potential is one thing... Actually capitalizing on it is something else entirely. I'm sorry to say that Fairytale Fights didn't bother going any further once the main idea was penciled in."

HIGH Skewing classic fairytales is a great premise.

LOW There is absolutely no depth to the gameplay.

WTF The amount of ice needed for my right thumb after two hours.

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