Legacy Interactive Releases Details About House M.D. for DS

Leading casual game developer and publisher Legacy Interactive has released the character line up of the second game in its Hollywood Hits series, House M.D. House M.D. places you in smack in the middle of all the drama and smart dialogue fans love from the popular TV show.

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The_Savior3423d ago

Games based off of T.V. Shows = Fail. Always.

vgchica3423d ago

1. Really use the license and themes of the show
2. Clone Trauma Center or at the very least a modern version of Operation using the stylus.

Blaster_Master3423d ago

Yeah, okay, so your saying that you can turn a Monk game into an actual good game? Theres things that you just already know, then there is you who goes by what you only know. Blow.

vgn243423d ago (Edited 3423d ago )

Once Hugh Hefnor makes a "Girls Next Door" game. ;)

PirateThom3423d ago

As a puzzle game crossed with Trauma Center, this could work.

I'd play a House game anyway, if it was good.

vgn243423d ago

The biting wit is what would be missing. Now who knows. A puzzler/trauma center with Hugh Laurie's humor would be AWESOME! But I'm not holding my breath on that kind of combo coming from the people who made the Igor movie tie-in game for the DS.