Top Video Game Searches of 2009 Revealed By Google – Modern Warfare 2 Fails to Make List

The top ten video game searches of the year, according to Google:

1. ghostbuster
2. ufc
3. saw
4. bakugan
5. batman arkham asylum
6. twilight
7. fifa 2010
8. modern warfare
9. transformers 2
10. resident evil 5

The shocking news is that Modern Warfare 2 doesn't even show up on the list. Of course, Modern Warfare is present, and could account for Modern Warfare 2 searches as well, but the fact that the most anticipated game of the year, the biggest entertainment release in history, and a video game of the year nominee didn't even crack the top 5 (or the top 10 if you don't count "Modern Warfare" searches in the Modern Warfare 2 category) is a bit stunning. Regardless of the fact that Modern Warfare 2 was released verging on a month ago, it is still a surprising absence.

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Mr Face Creamer3424d ago

More than half that list fails on so many levels.

ChozenWoan3424d ago

These games had so little info out about them that people had to go and search for it, hence the reason they are at the top of a "Search Engine" chart. lol

PS360WII3424d ago

ha ChozenWan you're right! No one needed to look up Modern Warfare either as Activision made sure to slap us in the face with it everywhere we look 0.o

grantps33424d ago

since when has twilight been a game? the moment that that game comes to consoles is the moment i decide to kill myself.