MMORPG: Atlantica Online Money Making Guide Atlantica Online Correspondent Erik Rollwage writes this look at Atlantica Online's economy and guide to making more money in the game.

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scorpion5283221d ago

Every way to make money has been nerfed by the company to push you towards their expensive useless mall. For 100-500 US you have a chance ( slim one) of winning an armed mount or whatever the flavor of the day. The newest scam is the Druid mercenary. The quest will take you more than a year but hey Ndoors has a shortcut. You can spend 40 dollars on a box that contains the Druid pieces. The funny thing is it pays out more costumes than anything. I really must warn anyone that is thinking of trying this game.. Don't it is geared to keeping you poor unless you use their mall that fails more than it rewards.I am one year veteran I know what I speak about.They have become extremely aggressive and deceptive in my opinion in the last few months. They bought this new communications guy in ( Eric) who doesnt understand hes going to lose his whole client base Spread the word fast this is a ripoff comic book game.