Short or Long Game Play: What's your gamer type?

GB writes: "I read two different articles on Modern Warfare 2 on the web where both the authors had a different take on the game play related to Multiplayer, SpecOps and the single player campaign of COD:MW2. The author who quoted that he was already bored playing MW2, felt that SpecOps and Multiplayer were not so great value add to the game, they did bring some variety in comparison to the previous version of MW2, however overall were not praiseworthy. The other author felt with the kind of pricing and hype generated by COD: MW2 the single player campaign should have being at least more than 7 hours."

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gameseveryday3244d ago

I really prefer longer games since I am more of single player. I dont tend to go online that much, so yes i prefer lengthier games.

williamkenny3244d ago

Yep, long games are much better for me...I don't find games 'too' long.

Julie3244d ago

I like looong games and i mean loooooong! a lot of this gen games are way too short D: with no replayability. Not all of them but a lot :3

Nihilism3244d ago

I'm a single player gamer, and I sunk about 5 hours into mass effect today, that was a short run by my usual standard. Nothing like wasting a day away in the wasteland of fallout 3 either

NeoBasch3244d ago

I guess I'll be the odd man out. I prefer shorter games. I don't have all the time in the world, and I hate it when developers assume I do. Most 60+ hour games are packed with filler that I could care less about. There is such a thing as the cutting room floor you know. 10-20 hours is the sweet spot. I don't mind 4-8 hour campaigns either, as long as they are insanely fun or emotionally gripping. Games like ICO, Uncharted, and Heavy Rain are good examples of this. Most of my favorite games are rather short. Keep it short and fun. Everything else could be DLC. Of course, there are always exceptions. So I'm not exactly in argument with you, but I do largely prefer shorter games.

ABizzel13244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

It depends on the game. 10 - 12 hours is safe for single player. Other than RPG's and MMO's. I too prefer longer games, especially if they have great single player.

bacon133244d ago

It's all about presentation and replay value. A horsesh*t game could last 50 hours and be a terrible pile of trash or you could get a 6-8 hour masterpiece like God of War 2. MW2s campaign was very short, but its obvious that it's all about the multiplayer with that game. More 20+ hour games like Metal Gear Solid 3 and Resident Evil 4 please!

R6ex3244d ago

Me too, a single player kinda gamer.

Enjoyed MW1, but will not buy MW2 'coz short campaign's not worth my $$$.

My best investments for 2009 are the lengthy games like Dragon Age, Star Ocean and Fallout 3. MW1, Gears and Halo are fun, but just too short & not worth the $$$.

Looking forward to ME2 & FF13 to fill up my hundreds of hours of gameplay!

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williamkenny3244d ago

I agree that MW2 was too short, but it is basically a multiplayer game now.

-GametimeUK-3244d ago

yeah the story is short BUT its not all about the campaign. Great games like Warhawk dont even have a campaign. CoDs campaign has replay value if you want to get all the hidden intel and Multiplayer will last A LOT of people longer that what any campaign in a game will. People will be racking up serious hours on this game, its worth every penny since most CoD fans will deffo get a lot of mileage out of this game.

williamkenny3244d ago

Of course people will be racking up serious hours on this game- on multiplayer! I would be VERY surprised if you knew anyone who bought this game for the campaign.

NoBias3244d ago

And then complained (damn well knowing the campaign is only 4-5 hours) even with the constant reviews coming, are fools in my opinion.

It's almost like they bought the game ONLY to complain. It's like buying a car that the user tells you is only going to get you about 1,000 more miles of usage and then complaining after you bought it.

You knew this going into it!

Anyways, I'm a multiplayer gamer but I still enjoy my SP campaigns. MW2 has already paid for itself for me. I've already logged about 23hrs into the game (and that's just the multiplayer). Why people choose to neglect the hours it takes to prestige even once is beyond me. Not to mention the time it takes to complete the SpecOps.

This game will run you at least 30+ hours if you dive into everything.

Dan GamingBolt3244d ago

ill say short because i dont have really long games, long games are pretty much RPG'S which i dont play alot.

10-15 hour single player games are what i play since i concentrate on MP more.

Myst3244d ago

Personally it depends on the game, The genre it's affiliated to and what is the main driving point behind it. RPGs - JRPGs to be exact I feel should at least clock in over 30 or near 30 hours which is a good time (in my opinion), While things such as action-adventure type games or even shooters feel perfect around the 10~15 hour mark maybe? I'm not a huge shooter fanatic so I can't say and I can't recall how long Killzone 2's campaign was.

Though anyway that's the way I see it. Oh right and if you count re-playability (not counting harder difficulties and such but rather new scenarios whether a slight variant or a whole new twist as presented in games such as Dragon Age Origins and InFamous ) then that definitely adds a whole 'nother layer to time also ( again at least to me ) and I enjoy games that give you that option.

By the way..I still need to rent InFamous, may do it this weekend since I don't have work and a friend may be coming over.

Dan GamingBolt3244d ago

It took me like 9 hours to beat kz2

but i agree, shooters and action games (kz2, resistance, uncharted, etc etc) should be 10-15 hours.

but when it comes to 4 hours like mw2 thats just wrong.

Myst3244d ago

Okay so yeah Killzone 2 was in a good range, couldn't remember as it's been a while, but I'm sure it may have taken me a lot longer. I tried to get accustomed to first-person angle and then trying not to waste ammo as well as getting away from trigger happy fingers.

MW2 was a tad on the short side from what I heard, but all the enjoyment was in multiplayer I assume? That's what I've found most fun out of Killzone 2 more so than the story. Though I'm sure others may agree with me on this is that the multiplayer should not be the scapegoat for shooters. Eh, but then again I've never played a Call of Duty title ever so I pretty much don't know what I'm talking about in terms of it lol.

hulk_bash19873244d ago

and buy infamous. It's not just a great PS3 title but one of the best of its genre. On the subject of game length, I completely agree that it all depends on the game genre in question. But who could say no to more Uncharted 2? ;)

Baka-akaB3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

I disagree with the whole idea that any game could be too long . If there is a problem and you get bored , then the game didnt do a good enough job of spicing and varying things up .
If indeed it's too long and your not motivated you can drop the game . While there is nothing to be done at all when a game is too short .

The length of most games this gen kinda irks me . And dont give me the "there are rpg if you want long games" speech . those have been heavily affected by the current shenanigans .

Used to be that 50-60 hours was the usual length IF you only did the main story , while discovering and doing everything would give you at least 100 hours of gaming . Now it is often the length if you're a completist , while the main stuff average 25-30 hours .

Thanks the gods , there are still a few hardcore stuff like Demon Souls , once everywhile .

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