GamePlasma: Left 4 Dead 2 (Xbox 360) Review

Hot on the heels of Left4Dead, Left4Dead2 (here on referred to as L4D2) reminds all of us why zombie survival games, when done right, have a special place in our gamer hearts: because it's incredibly fun. L4D2 takes the proven formula of cooperative gameplay and adds more deliciously sinful goodness that makes it almost criminal to enjoy.

The core gameplay of L4D2 hasn't changed; you are one of four survivors that must push past the zombie horde and make it to the safe house or finale escape point. L4D2 changes the setting to the southeastern region of the U.S., from Savannah to the bayou country of Georgia to the French Quarter in New Orleans. This comes with a slew of new experiences, with dark dank swamps and creepy carnivals that could possibly leave you scarred.

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