MGU: GUTS Review

MGU writes: "When we received the the press release from Tag Games promoting their new title, GUTS we really didn't know what to make of it. Delivered in an unusual style, it hailed the game as the most successful thing to come out of the last communist dictatorship left in Europe, Slabovia and detailed the leader of the country, General Gregory Schmerdiakov. Not your average leader, he banned the use of consoles and demanded that their only purpose was to be stuffed with mashed potato in an effort to disable the possibility of any software being inserted into them. On reading this, we're sure you can forgive us for thinking this was a major wind up but on the realisation that it wasn't we discovered that we actually had a game on our hands. Now GUTS is available from the App Store and we have to admit that this unique selling technique had got us hook, line and sinker and we downloaded it, more out of intrigue than anything else."

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