Spawn HD-720: Play Your Xbox 360 or PS3 From Anywhere?

Ever been dragged off on a boring family vacation where you had to leave your favorite console behind? Or do you ever wish while you were on an out-of-town business trip that you could play a few rounds of Modern Warfare 2 at your hotel? Well, Spawn Labs wants to make this fantasy a reality with its new product, The Spawn HD-720.

Operating in a similar fashion as the popular Slingbox, this device connects to your two favorite consoles at your home and allows you to access your gaming system remotely from your computer using the Spawn Player, which is a free download.

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Nineball21123245d ago

I wonder if these things work as advertised. It's a pretty cool concept.

GameRant3245d ago

I'm curious how fast and efficient it actually can work.