The Saboteur PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Screenshot Comparison

Videogameszone made another screenshot comparison of The Saboteur (PS3 vs. Xbox 360). Overall the 360 version won this race, because the PS3 version has a lot of tearing problems and blurry textures.

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bot slayer3294d ago



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Sevir043294d ago

Cue the fanboy d*ck swinging contest

Hanif-8763294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Did i not tell everyone that the PS3 version was the best!

DarkTower8053294d ago

Well, this game isn't eyecandy in the first place, but that being said I really want to play it. I think the devs did a fine job making both games look equal. Some screenshots look to give the 360 an advantage while others give the PS3 the advantage.

Hanif-8763294d ago

I don't know what your taking about because the Xbox360 version doesn't show any advantages in these screenshots. However, we'll just have to wait for "Lens Of Truth" because i don't trust all these comparisons !

SuperStrokey11233294d ago

Looks like the ps3 version has a resolution problem, either way it doesnt look overly pretty. For some reason when i saw those screen shots i thought of wolfenstein (likely cause of the nazi stuff)