Xbox360 250GB + Natal to become the core box for $249?

VGArabia: There have been a lot of rumors about how Microsoft would market its upcoming game changing peripheral (project Natal) when it will launch next year. Some people are saying that it will launch with a very responsible price with a collection of fourteen games, and a couple of these games being developed by Rare.

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AngryTypingGuy3245d ago

It would definitely be a great move on MS's part if they did offer a package like that. If they made the standalone Natal cheap, that would be smart too. They could always make it up with software sales.

butterfinger3245d ago

this thing finally comes out, we will have had the PS3 sphere controllers for at least a few months, so MS is going to have to bring it out with a low price point in order to compete. They better hope Natal works as well as they were pretending it did at E3.

gaffyh3245d ago

I really doubt it would be price that low, seems like MS would take a massive hit if that was the case.

mjolliffe3245d ago

The gaming industry's guessometer is back at work. Shame.

velcry3245d ago

On the issue of price, I think it *MAY* be possible, given that the core Xbox technology is what, 4-5 years old by then? Even if there are internal redesigns or new motherboards, the cost would have sunk a lot by then.

On the issue of Sony's Wands being out for months by then... nothing's confirmed I think. Sony may have plans to bring it out by Q1 / Q2 next year, but given how these things are delayed, I wouldn't be surprised if it launched back to back with Natal.

Anon19743245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

It could happen, but analysts right now think Microsoft are still taking a loss on each 360 sold at current prices, and this is after 4 years on the market. Last time I checked, Microsoft wasn't running a charity for gamers. They need to make money at some point and thus far Microsoft has never verified that the 360 was a profitable platform like Sony confirmed with the PS3.

Microsoft cleverly wrote off the billions spent on warranty repairs in advance which got it off the books for future reports, but that doesn't miraculously change the fact that the cost of the warranty program is ongoing and siphoning off any profits as we speak, whether Microsoft has chosen to report it on an ongoing basis or not.

Edit Below: But enough to offset the money being spent on warranty replacements? We don't know if it's doing that right now. Microsoft has certainly never claimed that.

STK0263245d ago

MS might be taking a loss on every system sold, however, the 360 still has the highest attach rate of the 3 consoles at the moment (or I haven't seen reports stating the contrary yet). If they can somehow flood the market with a low price point, and still keep a decent attach rate, it will still be profitable.

Godmars2903245d ago

MS will be sure to hit with major advertising blitzes when PS3's motion controller comes out, and twice as much with Natal's release.

bigrudowsky3245d ago

If they were pretending then how will it work the same?

facelike3245d ago

If the PS3 continues to sell like it is thought the holidays and past, then even if Natal/360 bundle is good, there might be too many PS3's out there for this to matter. People may just ignore it and be satisfied with what they own. And with the wand coming out 5 or so months before, Sony will have a head start in the motion control also.

Microsoft will need this to be something truly special for it to make a difference, but they definitely have time to make it special.

SCThor3245d ago

so I don't think $50 is the final price for just natal, maybe somewhere around $120

PS360PCROCKS3245d ago

Nah $250? I'll go with 300 benjamins, at most 350 or so. I think Microsoft will keep it similarly priced with PS3 with a wavy hand dongle attachment. Making a peripheral that makes the machine much more expensive than the other machines doesn't get them anywhere. They want it to be casual friendly, not wallet heavy. People have to remember that Microsoft is out to win, not to make a ton of money. (Yes I realize how stupid that sounds.) Microsoft though is looking at the big picture here. Right now what they're doing is building a fan base and a "core" audience for their machine. I think that the 360 is profitable if not damn near close. They are down to what 45nm now? or is 65? I'm not sure but the machines can't be that expensive to make anymore. Big picture though = Big Game IP's (Gears, Halo) Natal, Xbox Live and Marketplace. They are growing their base and are looking at the next gen as well. Think about it, if you buy Natal, it WILL be future proofed for the next system. I guarantee that, it's an attachment, letting it work with a new machine INSTANTLY gets all your consumers coming back.

rockleex3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

It didn't even work well during all those tech demos. Remember the bottom of that Avatar's shoes and other mistakes Natal made?

The only times that Natal "worked well" were during those pre-recorded videos.

I think the least a 360+Natal bundle would go far at launch is $299. 250gb? Nope.

ABizzel13245d ago

I doubt it. More like 120GB HDD and Natal for $299

butterfinger3245d ago

Those pre-rendered videos are what I was referring to when I used "pretend". If Natal is even slightly worse than those videos showed, you can expect this to be a massive failure. MS dangled special effects in front of people then went on Jimmy Fallon and continued to show it off, so they better be bringing this thing with all the bells and whistles. I can't wait to see how they will nickle and dime us, though.

DevastationEve3245d ago

300 benjamins isn't $300...

3245d ago
likedamaster3245d ago

"300 benjamins isn't $300..."


vhero3245d ago

The only way they would lower it to this price is if they really do hike the price of live to $10 a month.

HammockGames3245d ago

Especially with the Wii and PS3 motion control options already being on the market by the time Natal hits.

But regardless, I'm not sold on motion controls and I'm not sure most hardcore gamers are either.

There are 2 things I think are key for a good game: 1) Fun and 2) Immersion

If motion control doesn't respond exactly as it should or for that matter even as precisely as a standard controller then it takes away from the immersion. If that happens, you can count me out (and I'm not just talking about Natal here).

I'm going to wait for reviews of the motion control products & games before jumping in.

PS360PCROCKS3245d ago

Lol oh ya oops, I meant benjamins for hundreds, not sure why I put 300 lol

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immortal843245d ago

I think Sony will make something about this if that happens with Magic wand.

alaa3245d ago

Everything could happen.

MetalGearRising3245d ago

Natal is the future as soon as u non believers accept that the better u will feel. When Natal launches the ground beneath your feet will tremble. The word Natal would be spoken around 4 corners of the world it will be broadcasted on national news and on and on and on but trust me Natal will be the end of ps3 as we know it u can make joke's about it but at the end u know it's gonna happen.

bot slayer3245d ago


butterfinger3245d ago

360-only owners are the only ones excited that their console will have Wii-like features.

avengers19783245d ago

The future, it is the playstation eye, and everything I've seen for it could already be done on ps2 with kinetic. And microsoft will not be selling anything cheap. There wifi adaptor cost 100 bucks so you really think that a natal and 250 gig will cost 250$ NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. You bots don't even relieze that by the time Natal comes out the 360 will be in last place again.