Microsoft Anti-Pirate Technology Sparks 630% Rise in Fake Code Detection

Anti-counterfeiting technology has prompted a six-fold rise in the number of consumers who have reported buying faked Microsoft software, the software firm says.

Microsoft UK anti-piracy manager Michala Wardell, said the number of reports of faked software rose from 67 in September 2008 to 423 a year later. "Figures since then are tracking consistently," she said.

The rise in fake-software reports follows the introduciton of Genuine Advantage, a set of validation and verification tools that Microsoft uses to protect its Windows XP, Vista and 7 operating systems, and Office 2003 and 2007 application suites.

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Nihilism3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

BAHAHA, anti piracy measures usually only serve to screw over legit consumers, i'd say 3 cheers for ME2 having a disk check only, but 3 wont be enough


I'm sure it won't be long till they step it up a notch. But I have to say, our rights are being spat in our faces with DRM already, I am a pc only gamer, and buy all my games retail, and it's getting ridiculous, if DRM ever becomes standard, or something worse, I will either quit gaming or start pirating, I can't give money to people who treat their customers like scum.

For example: I paid $289 for vista ultimate, OEM version, and I know it's standard for OEM versions to be locked to the motherboard, but I still paid $289 for it, and i'm now stuck in a situation where if i want to upgrade my motherboard/cpu, I also have to shell out $400aus for win7 ( for the retail version ) to avoid this happening again. That's not exactly a choice. If I ever want to upgrade, I have to replace my OS, that kind of restriction should not be legal. It will be a great day for consumers if through some way in the laws of various countries, DRM is found to be a violation of rights and is banned.

Piracy is overstated far too much. The majority of pirates would never buy the products because they would not have the money too anyway. So there's no loss of a sale, but there will be when I stop buying into it.

hitthegspot3334d ago

I wonder how long it will be before they add this to the games.

dredgewalker3334d ago

The question should be how long before the pirates bypass this? But then again the PS3 has been virtually pirate free for 3 years.

LightofDarkness3334d ago


Actually, in that scenario, you can just call up MS and say that you're mobo "done diedeth" and they'll issue you a new license key there and then, it's really no big deal. I just did it there two days ago with my OEM copy of Vista.

Nihilism3334d ago

cheers for the info then, that's awesome to know. $400 more for a new GPU then

The Lazy One3334d ago

1.) they give people that report a free copy of windows for reporting that they stole it (source: article). I'd hardly call that screwing anyone over.

2.) OEM isn't an anti-piracy thing. It's a mass distribution to PC manufacturers thing. The fact that you bought the OEM version speaks volumes.

sukru3334d ago

I don't need the ultimate versions. Windows 7 professional is more than enough for me. (And it's free as a student, too!)

Ultimate seems like a Ferrari to me, which you don't actually need, but buy it anyways, since you have the money.

hitthegspot3334d ago

How did you get a free copy?

sukru3334d ago

There is a program called MSDNAA (the name might have changed). Many universities take part in it. It basically provides you with free MS software (Windows, Visual Studio, Servers, Expression, etc) for your classroom and research purposes.

Once you'd also get this from ACM or IEEE membership, but they closed access to Windows 7 due to mass abuse (you can still get Vista Professional, though).

dirthurts3334d ago

DRM is a pain for consumers, and it only serves to irritate.
It doesn't stop pirates, as it's easily bypassed, but it does stop people who often reinstall their os's or constantly upgrade their pcs.
PS3 isn't pirate free by the way. It's doable, and I know someone who does it. They simply don't see the benefit because blu ray disks. they are just too expensive to make sense bothering with it. Soon when the prices drop on them, it'll be just like any other console.

STK0263334d ago

if you're a student, you can get 7 (HP or Pro) for free depending on your school, if not, you can still get either for 50$.

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PS360PCROCKS3334d ago

@ dchalfont
Amen brother. I know how you feel, I downloaded Win 7 Beta and it screwed up my win XP machine. I lost windows XP somehow and no matter how many things I tried I could NEVER get it to load back into XP. So I was screwed unless I bought a whole new OS. I had to use a Gateway Win Vista CD and a youtube tutorial. I ran a program and it was completely unlocked. Than Win vista screwed up on me not 1, not 2, but THREE times. But I pre-ordered Win 7 so is all good now. But haha Microsoft nice try, I successfully unlocked a windows OS with a legit code from a program 3 times.

likedamaster3334d ago

Take all the measures you need to Microsoft, just don't screw the legitimate owners of that software.

Shadowstar3334d ago

Sounds like a good idea to me. The consumer doesn't get burned so long as they're willing to report who sold it to them. And frankly, if I got sold some software thinking it was legit when it wasn't, well, I'd be more than willing to report them...

hitthegspot3334d ago

You bet, especially if you paid list...