Games You Should Have Played, But Probably Didn't – 2009 Edition

Terminal Gamer - "It's December, and that means that almost all of this year's big games are on store shelves, with only a few titles left to trickle out, such as EA's The Saboteur. This is the perfect time to reflect on the year in gaming and perhaps take a break from your online Call of Duty addictions (Editor's note: Yes, we're talking to you, Andy Murray). It's time to give credit, where credit is due and pick up the games you should have played but (probably) didn't..."

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Smacktard3424d ago

Man, Demon's Souls is one of the reasons I'm really considering getting a PS3. I saw a boss fight that made me think, "Alright, so this is kind of what Link to the Past would be like in 3D, if it were darker"

OtherWhiteMeat3424d ago

Great game...once you start playing it's almost impossible to stop.It's really a thinking persons game.

EvilTwin3424d ago

Three good Wii games included from third parties, and none of them are rail shooters, mini games, rushed ports or licensed cash-ins.

("...b-b-b-b-but there's no games on Wii!")

Muramasa is just ridiculous. Remember playing Okami and just stopping to admire the scenery? Yeah, same thing happens in Muramasa. All the time.