Telegraph: EA Sports Active More Workouts Review

Telegraph writes: "Ever since Wii Fit (and later Wii Fit Plus) demonstrated that there were oodles of cash to be made from fitness applications, developers have been falling over themselves to create the next big workout video game. It now seems that a new fitness title is released every other month. While their sheer numbers certainly prove that this genre of game has become big business, no game of this type has yet presented a credible challenge to the Wii Fit franchise's dominance of this market. The only title that has come anywhere near close is EA Sports Active which was released earlier this year and has since sold nearly two million units. Now, with the festive season upon us, and the promise of an ever expanding girth brought on by parties, dinners and calorie-rich Christmas pudding, EA has released a sequel in the form of EA Sports Active More Workouts. If the title seems unimaginative, take heart in the fact that at least this fitness game does exactly what it says on the box."

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