Best Buy, Sony team up for PS3 - HDTV Holiday Deal

Best Buy and Sony are running a pretty decent bundle deal right now that gives consumers a PlayStation 3 120GB, A Sony Bravia HDTV and a choice of one Blu-Ray move and one PlayStation 3 game title. Pricing varies depending on what HDTV size you choose (46?, 52? and 55?), and if you want to upgrade that PS3 to a better model, but at the end of the day you have the potential to save close to $1100.

The trick to this deal is to not get too greedy with the HDTV model you choose and to avoid listening to the Best Buy Salesman about all "the extras" you can get.

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lordkemp0073331d ago

Best buy and Etch a sketch are teaming up to do a similar deal for xbox 360.

likedamaster3331d ago (Edited 3331d ago )

I'd be interested if weren't for the terrible Sony LCDs they are offering. No offense to Sony fans(my wife is one) but their LCDs have been complete disappointments over here.

It's bad when their tvs are side by side with other brands and the generic brand looks better.