Riccitiello: Wii Decline Buzz Won't Impact EA

Declining Wii console sales and a softening third-party software market will not have much of an impact on Electronic Arts, says CEO John Riccitiello, who points out EA is the number two publisher on the console after Nintendo itself.

"I think there's no doubt that [Nintendo] enjoyed spectacular success a year ago and it's been softer since then," he tells Gamasutra.

"[The Wii is] clearly not going to sell as many units this year as it did last year," he says, adding that EA looks at marketshare as an important metric: "We have a low-20 [percent] share on the Xbox 360, a high 20 [percent] share on the PS3, and a 19-20 [percent] share on the Wii."

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velcry3426d ago

Shareholders of EA are all antsy when you have such a large stake in the Wii business.

What you discuss with your buddies behind closed doors, that's what I wanna know.


The wii hype is slowing down! the gimmick is going bye bye. The hardcore gaming is forever! hardcore gaming made the gaming industry last this long. The wii is no where near in game respect like super nintendo games. wii is a toy, too much kiddie game.

bigrudowsky3426d ago

It may be dying down but its still selling more than the other consoles.What exactly is hardcore what does a game have to display or play like to be considered hardcore please elaborate.


Hardcore is the greatest game ever created! look at the top snes, ps1 and ps2, n64 games. Most are hardcore games. Yes the wii is selling to people who don't really play games like mothers, gradfathers, and grand mothers and little kids who dont care about game quality just bright colors on screen. wii can keep those sales. for every one great wii game! there 25 crap shovel ware after it. its a fact look it up. because the wii sell more then 360 and ps3 mean it's better console he!! no.


Demon's Souls would be the perfect canidate for the true meaning of hardcore game Mr. bigrudowsky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

ChickeyCantor3426d ago

"Hardcore is the greatest game ever created"

So who are the developers and who is publishing it?
I have heard about this hardcore thing for years now. I hope its not a Duke Nukem forever =(

sack_boi3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Wouldn't a "hardcore" gamer own all three consoles? I mean she/he's "hardcore" right?

Fierce Musashi3426d ago (Edited 3426d ago )

Well aren't you just the pride of today's "Hardcore Gamer". Your avatar suits you, mate.

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eagle213426d ago

PS3 has the most share. :)

mint royale3426d ago

EA has the most share of the PS3's sales than that of the wii and xbox? Is that a victory or something? ..... :)

eagle213426d ago

I commented the damn truth straight out of EA's mouth!

I have been a Ninty fan since the NES, so pipe down!

Roper3163426d ago

didn't the Wii just outsell the PS3 & 360 on Black Friday? But Wii owners still don't really buy any games for it though except the same handful of games that they all own.


Most people who are serous games players that have a wii, all say its collecting dust or sold it! you know who you are. While they keep playing xbox 360 and ps3! the wii can keep the bubble gum short cheap games!

3426d ago
Consoldtobots3426d ago

bu bu but I thought the PS3 haters on here said NOBODY is ever catching the Wii, and we all know they don't pull stuff out of their beehinds don't we?

Im glad to see the Wii go, a gimmick that is not holding back gaming but in fact making it lose ground.

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