ECA membership cancellation gaffe makes everyone look bad

ARS: The Entertainment Consumer Association has raised the ire of gamers by not honoring the once-available option to stop auto-renewal of memberships and mandating snail-mail cancellations. Firing back, the group claims mass fraud forced the change. Who wins? Nobody.

The Entertainment Consumer Association is supposed to help fight for the rights of those who buy and play video games, and the ECA's President Hal Halpin always has interesting thoughts on how to make the industry a better place for players. Becoming a member of the ECA isn't free, however, and some members are claiming that the organization makes it way too difficult to cancel your membership before your credit card is charged again. The ECA responds that its membership promotions are being used to commit fraud, and it's merely trying to protect itself.

First, we're going to look at why people are upset. Then we'll hear from the ECA. Buckle up, it could get thick in here.

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